Is Wininit.exe Is A Virus Or Not?

You might here because you have encounter Wininit.exe in Task Manager and you are searching why it is running on your PC. Don’t fret, well this process is totally secure or safe. However, the process is made by Microsoft and is installed with Windows.  Well, lots of websites will tell you that it is a virus.  Come let’s have a look at this process in brief detail.


Wininit.exe is in known versions. The recent version is 6.3.9600.16384. Wininit.exe is executed as a standard windows process. The average size of the file is round about 111.25 KB. During the whole process, the CPU resource utilization is round about 0.0007%. It includes both background or foreground operations. However, the average private memory consumption is also 1.38 MB with the maximum memory reaching around 3.98 MB. Also, the read or write I/O disk operations is:
  • 41 Bytes per minute for reads
  • 0 Bytes per minute for writes

Microsoft design Wininit.exe (Windows Initialize). Also, it is a core system process that arises in Windows XP since it has been passed down to both Windows 7 or Vista.  The file was created to enable uninstallers to execute and process commands saved in the file Wininit.ini. This lets programs to take complete action while the PC is still booting up. In Windows 7/Vista, it acts as a launcher for some of the background apps that are always executing.

The file is saved locally on your PC at:


If you find this executable saved in any other location, it’s just like a virus that is disguising itself after using wininit.exe as its file name.

Is wininit.exe harmful?

wininit.exe dangerous

On the latest computer, wininit.exe can’t pose any threat at all.  However, on older PCs that have used for a while, there are the potential issues of a virus that is renaming itself to wininit.exe in the form of a harmful copycat disguise.  You should be fine though, whenever you have the best security software installed like Microsoft Security Essentials.

Should I turn off wininit.exe?

No, you can’t turn it off. As wininit.exe is a critical system process the Windows needs just to function. Ending the process will likely result in a critical system bug in which you want to restart your PC. Keep in mind that wininit.exe is located at the top of the process tree for all of the windows services.


Wininit.exe is no doubt a safe or secure Windows executable that resides in place by Microsoft.  By itself, the program is not harmful. The only thing is that the name can be copied by many other programs just to mask the real virus.

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