List All Homebrew Packages Installed on a Mac: Guide

 List all Homebrew PackagesDo you want to view all Homebrew packages installed on a Mac in a quick manner? You probably already know the path just where the Homebrew packages are installed. But you do not have to list a directory structure to receive a list of Homebrew packages. However, that has installed in Mac OS. In this guide, you will learn the way to List All Homebrew Packages Installed on a Mac.

Rather, you guys are also able to issue an easy command to display a list of all Homebrew packages installed on a specific Mac. In addition, you guys are also able to issue an exact command to list all cask packages installed via Homebrew on the Mac as well.

However, to be perfectly clear, we are concentrating on Homebrew packages simply which have already been installed on a specific Mac, simply not the Homebrew packages that are easily available to install.

List All Homebrew Packages Installed on Mac

However, Homebrew includes a straightforward & suitable command to list all packages. That has been installed via brew, the syntax is as described below:

brew list

Sample output probably looks something such as the following, relying on what packages & their dependencies which you have installed:

$ brew list
bash-completion gettext libidn2 pcre watch
cask glib libunistring pcre2 wget htop links python nmap irssi node smartmontools libffi openssl sqlite

However, you guys probably have fewer or more brew packages installed, relying on your specific setup.

It is also able to be advantageous to export these packages though which install into a text file. That is also able to complete by redirecting the output of the brew list into a plain text file like this:

brew list > homebrewpackages.txt

However, the output will be exact but now save in the “homebrewpackages.txt” file. That you could share with someone else or also the document for further causes.

Whether you are looking for some notable packages. You guys have to just check out this list of some of the better Homebrew packages available for Mac users. Whether you are an enhancer so then you probably also interested in receiving node.js and nom along with installing the updated Python 3 package on a Mac.

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List All Cask Homebrew Packages on Mac

Well, The ‘brew list’ command shields just regular Homebrew packages. But you are also able to show a list of all cask packages as well:

brew cask list

Whether you provide that command and then nothing comes back in return, so then that simply means you have not installed any Mac applications via brew cask. That is not an extremely unusual condition as many Mac users only use Homebrew for command-line tools. And binaries and not for keeping other Mac applications. Thus cask stays a very famous method to simply install, maintain, & also run different Mac apps too. This relies on the individual user’s specific setup.

As we give you a hint in the introduction to this article. That another procedure of searching what Homebrew packages install on a Mac. By using the ls command to display that where Homebrew packages are installed:

ls /usr/local/Cellar/

Moreover, the output of that command will also be each and every package installed via Homebrew. As they all the time end up in that directory by default.

How Can I find what Homebrew packages are available to install?

Definitely, we are focusing on what Homebrew packages are recently installing on a Mac. But whether you like a list of Homebrew packages though which are also present for installing instead. Then you are also able to use either of the following processes. The first approach uses a straightforward search command:

brew search

Well, guys the output of ‘brew search’ will be available Homebrew package that could be easily installed.

Or you guys are also able to browse the brew formula page here for an entire list of Homebrew packages that could hypothetically be installed.

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Well, I hope that you like the guide. If you any queries or if you face any trouble so then you can share your issue with us in the comments section below. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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