MacBook Boots To Black Screen _Solution For MacBook

MacBook Boots To Black Screen

If You are facing the issue of MacBook Boots To Black Screen. So, here is the solution to MacBook Pro booting. So, let’s have a look! This can rarely, a Mac that may also encounter some of the peculiar issues. Now, this is during the system boot that can also cause and then quite a bit of panic. It is just like booting in order to get a completely black screen. Then this would also be very easy in order to interpret that is as a potential hardware problem. There are some particularly rare situations so that may also be the case. Also, it is also more often that there is a software issue. Then that can also resolve that is with some simple troubleshooting steps.

So, case in point there is one of our reader’s experiences with his MacBook Pro. By which this is also out of the blue reboot in order to a completely dark screen. Then that is though and it is also rare that we also figure it out. Now, this would also be a good opportunity in order to share three potential solutions to this problem and similar issues. This should also that if you encounter a dark screen on system start.

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The First: Reset the System Management Controller to Fix MacBook Boots To Black Screen:

So, the very first thing is that you will also want in order to do resolve nearly. Then there is also every power that can also related issue on a Mac. In order to reset the SMC, or System Management Controller. So, that this will also dump and then reset the settings that are for anything power management related. This is also as long as you knew in order to resolve problems that are with things like fans. So, the heat, sleeping problems, and of course, display issues.

In any of our modern MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, this is with a built-in battery. This is which it can also just get a bout that is all of them nowadays. Then this is how you do that:

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  1. You have to shut down the Mac and then you can connect it to your MagSafe adapter and then a wall outlet as usual.
  2. After that, you can also hold down and then the Shift+Control+Option+Power button at the same time. This is for a few seconds.
  3. You can also release all of the keys at the same time. Now, and then it can also boot the Mac as usual.

So, the older Macs that you can also find directions here that is for the same process on their machines. Then it is also slightly very different if you can also take out the battery. If the Mac boots then hopefully the black screen that also has gone away.

The Second: Try a Keypress Sequence to Ditch MacBook Boots To Black Screen

So, that it can Regularly read and it may recall that we also cover some of the OS X keyboard shortcuts for the Shutdown, Sleep, and Restart controls. Then this is of just about every Mac, and then this also has a little keypress sequence. It may also take advantage of those. Now, this is oddly enough then it may also seem in order to work to resolve some of the mystery Mac booting into black screen issues. Then here is the precise sequence to follow:

  1. You have to press the Power / OFF button once. Then this will also bring up the dialog box which you can’t see.
  2. Now, Press the “S” button then this is also the shortcut to sleep the Mac.
  3. Then hold down the Power button that is until a hard shut down is forced.
  4. You have to wait about 15 seconds then this can also hit the Power button again. In order to turn it back on.

Now, this key also presses the solution that is discovered. This is who you can also found it tucked away that is on MacRumors Forums. So, that it also has work that is for several other commenters there as well. There are some of the other users that are on the MR forums that can also suggest that resetting PRAM can also help them too. Then most of the power issues are also resolve just by the SMC reset.

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To Try a PRAM Reset to Fix MacBook Boots To Black Screen:

In this case, if the above two tricks failed then a PRAM reset can also often do the trick. Also, this is a potential solution in order to get the black screen that is on boot. Then this is also done that is also upon restarting the Mac that is similar to an SMC reset:

  1. You just have to reboot the Mac and then as soon as you can also hear the boot chime. Then hold down the Command+Option+P+R keys together.
  2. If you can also hear the boot sound again then the PRAM. So, that it has been reset so let the Mac boot again as usual.

MacBook Boots To Black Screen

Then at this point, if your Mac that you should also boot again. It is as usual and having no longer has the black display. Just by loading the Mac OS or Mac OS X as usual.

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To Enter Password, Hit Return:

By some of the users, this is in our comments that can also report an interesting alternative. Just by finding it if they hit the black screen on boot. In this case, if they enter their regular login password and then hit the Enter/Return key. So, the Mac boots up as usual and then they are also good to go. You can also try this out then it might work for you:

  1. If the Mac boots are on the black screen. Then enter the password that you would also use in order to login to the Mac as usual.
  2. Now, Hit the Return key.

In this case, if this also works then you will also know as the rather quickly. The reason is that the black screen will also give way in order to get the regular Mac OS desktop.

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To Turn Off Automatic Graphics Switching (for black screens on dual-GPU MacBook Pro only):

Here are some of the MacBook Pro models have dual graphics cards. Then that can also switch automatically. This is for whatever reason other than those models that can sometimes boot directly in order to get a black screen. It can also often get this that can also be remedied just by simply disabling automatic graphics card (GPU) switching on MacBook Pro as instructed here:

  • This is from the  Apple menu choose the “System Preferences”. So, it can then go to the “Energy Saver.”
  • You can also toggle the switch next to the ‘Automatic Graphics Switching’ in order to turn that off.
  • Then Restart the Mac that is as usual.

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So, Did one of these solutions also work in order to get past the black screen that is on Mac boot for you? In this case, if this can also happen in order to run into this unusual issue with your Mac. Then let us know that how you can also resolve that it is just by leaving a comment below then if the above tips also work. This is for resolving the boot in order to get the lack screen problem that is on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and whichever Pro or Air model that it may be. So, of course, if you have also your own solution that is to the booting to a black screen issue. Kindly share that below in the comments as well!

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