Make Bold Text in Facebook Status: Tutorial Guide

Facebook Bold TextTimes are there online when you require them in order to get your point across especially on Facebook. Have you any idea that how many times you desire that you could “holler” at someone on Facebook without having to utilize all caps? However, I just like a Bold button, Zuckerberg. Thus in this guide, you will learn the way to make bold text in Facebook Status.

How amazing would it be too bold the tiny sections of your post or comment to draw the eyes of those most necessary to your life and causes?

Make Bold Text in Facebook Status

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have an incorporated ability. For letting us perform this in status messages or comments. We can, although, use Bold in Notes… but who in the heck even utilizes the Notes on Facebook anymore? Luckily a totally free – and completely safe – the third-party app is also there that I highly suggest you and it is named as YayText.

Not only does YayText permits you to make the text on Facebook Bold, But it is also able to help you to underline, strikethrough, use Italics and also make weird or crazy-looking (fun!) text. However, the app does not just work on Facebook, either: it is also we can use it on Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else you like.

Here we will view how to use YayText in order to draw attention. Specially to your posts or comments on Facebook just by utilizing the Bold function.

How to Make Bold in Posts and also Comments on Facebook

You have to remember that you do not must have to sign up for or download anything. Similarly, this method probably sounds a bit unknown. But it works and it is also easy and simple as well!

First of all, you have to head to your Facebook page and there write your status message out as you usually do, but do not post it so far!


Choose any part of the text that you would wish to make bold. Next press the ”CTRL” and ”C” keys at the same time.

Here you have to head to the YayText Bold Text Generator page. Drop about halfway down the page till you view the text box that just seems like this:

Now you have to tap in the box and after tapping in the box now you have to paste your priorly copied text from Facebook into the box. When you will do this, you will notice soon the lots of different options pop up. Although that allow you will now put into Facebook:

At this point, you have to select the one, however, that you would like to use. And to the right of that line, you have to tap the ”Copy” button. Now move back to your Facebook page and also paste this copied version over top of your original text. However, that you liked in order to make Bold. Now your next text choice displays instantly.

Soon you are excited with your post looks, now you have to move on and also hit the ”Enter” button in order to post your status. Also, you will enjoy the new look of your post. This method works for comments AND in Messenger messages, as well.

Edit Bio

Now at this point let’s say you would wish for parts of your profile, however, in order to stand out with bold text. YayText supports you do that, too! Now you must have to go to your profile and there must tap the ”Edit Bio” (or Create-Bio whether you have not already created one) button.

Prior to choosing the text simply that you would like for making the Bold or Italicized and copy it. Here move back to the exact YayText Bold Text Generator. And also paste it into that box in order to get your potential consequences.

Guy’s before copying, here you must have to remember that for whatever strange reason enhancers have, the Sans options watch over to work and also displays better on Facebook simply next the Serif options do. Now select your preference and also copy it over to your bio. Perform this thing till you are excited with how it looks, and next you have to hit that blue ”Save” button just below your profile Bio.

Whether Bold and Italics are not sufficient for you. So then for more, you have to move to the main YayText page. However, here you will view a wide list of options. You are also able to play around with your next status message. Similarly, these add: Strikethrough, Slashes, Underline, adding lightning or smilies above your text and furthermore. Truly when I first discovered this, then I was tempted beyond trust. In order to begin posting everything that I wrote for you in various ways.

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Well, we hope that you guys will like this post. And this guide will very help full to you.

Furthermore, you now learned the way to make your status messages, profile sections, comments, and Messages stand out a more, what else can I support you with on Facebook?

If in case of questions you can ask us in the comments section below.

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