Message popping on Android: Can’t take screenshot due to security policy

Can't take screenshot due to security policy

This morning I was welcomed by a message that can’t take a screenshot due to security policy when I was looking to capture a photo of the screen by using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android phone. And I couldn’t figure out the cause of this out of the blue pop up message.

What is the reason to cause such an issue? Let’s look into it.

Cause 1 – Incognito Mode of Chrome

If the screenshots are not being taken it is being resisted by the OS now whenever the Chrome browser is in Incognito Mode. Recently, this “feature” can’t be disabled. Firefox allows you to take screenshots even in Incognito Mode. But Google Chrome won’t allow it unless you are not using Incognito Mode. But if you are not using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome then screenshots can be taken.

Cause 2 – Phone’s Policy

There are the policies that might be enforced in your Android device that is issued to you by a school or a company that prevents you to take screenshots. If you add the account of the company then policies can easily be enforced in your device.

The policy can be removed by removing the account which is associated with “Account” in “Settings” or either you can simply go and talk to the IT department. And ask them to fix their policy or provide you with a solution so you will start taking a screenshot again on your android.

Cause 3 – Policy set in App

There are some apps that hinder you to take screenshots. Screenshots are disabled in the Financial app such as investing and banking for security and privacy purposes. It prevents the harmful code from being able to run in the background of your device and hacker would receive a copy of your screen.

That is a wrap now. I hope this article was a help to you. Can’t take a screenshot due to security policy. Finally, your issue is solved. For further queries, you guys can ask us in the comment section below. Thank you.

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