No Sound on iPhone: How to Fix this issue?

No Sound on iPhone

We have all faced some mysterious problems on the iPhone at some point or the other. And especially their includes that (No Sound on iPhone)“iPhone sound not working” issue is one of the most common problems that many of the people have encountered.

Similarly, the reason is that’s why it looks like a bit complex thing is that the issue could be due to both the hardware damage and random software snag. So the speaking of the solutions, you may have to try out numerous tricks to fix the no sound issue on the iOS device.

Therefore to solve this issue we’ve discussed some of the most reliable tips to get rid of this problem. Let’s start to check them out.

How to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Issue

Determine If Your iPhone’s Speaker Is Fine

First of all, you have to, check your iPhone’s speaker to assure that it is fine and is working well. To do so you have to first open the Settings app → Sound/Sounds & Haptics → Under Ringer and Alerts part, then just drag the volume slider left or right. Though if the smartphone assembles the sound, the speaker is working well.

Check Out the Ring/Silent Switch

However, here you have to make sure the Ring/Silent switch is in the right position. Maybe you had turned on the mute switch on your iPhone and then you should have to forget to turn off. Whatever, make sure to check it out.

Similarly, when the mute switch is enabled (top left side of the device), then you will be able to see orange color. Simply drop it back.

No Sound on iPhone

Then, increase the volume of your device using the volume up button (on the top left side).

Therefore after that open a music app like Apple Music or Spotify and play any song. Here now your iPhone should convey sound.

Ensure That Do Not Disturb Is Turned off (No Sound on iPhone)

Another thing which you should have to do is to make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off. Probably you had enabled the DND to prevent needless calls and notifications from haunting you. But, you should forget to turn it off later. Regardless you have to make sure to turn it off. Simply go to Settings → Do Not Disturb → Next Disable the toggle.

On the other side, you are also able to turn it off from the Control Center. Simply swipe up from the bottom (or swipe down from the top right corner on the latest iPhones and iPad). Here, then turn off the DND switch as usual.

Unable to Hear Sound Inside An App

Though so many iOS apps and games come with their own custom sound settings. However, just in case, you are impotent to hear the sound inside apps, double-check their sound settings to ensure they are organized well.

Similarly, if that is not able to help, then the apps might be buggy. So in this case, you have to try to update them (App Store → Updates).

Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

Whether you had connected Bluetooth hands-free to your iPhone, then you have to try to disconnect them. Simply your device might be sending audio to the connected device.

Therefore first of all you have to head over to Settings → then Bluetooth → clicks on the “i” button before the name of the Bluetooth device → hit Forget this Device and assure. Now, here you should try to play music to view if it has solved the issue.

Plug Hand-free into Your iPhone

However, plug headphones into your iPhone and then you can also play music. Thus if you have the ability to hear music with the help of hand-free, your device’s speakers might be at the fault. Hence the dust might have piled up inside the speakers and preventing them from delivering sound. So In this kind of condition, you should try to clean them up with a small tool.

Furthermore, there comes a time when force restart works in shooting out snugs. So, it would be fine to consider it as well.

Note: Here you must have to consider a couple of other genuine solutions like resetting the device to factory settings (Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings) and Software Update (Settings → General → Software Update).

Book An Appointment At The Genius Bar, If Nothing Works

Moreover, if your iPhone is still not able to make sound, so then at this stage you have to book an appointment at the Genius bar. Hence the speaker might be damaged, or something could have seriously gone wrong. In such a scenario, Apple Support is the way to go.

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No Sound on iPhone-Conclusion

Well, I hope that your iPhone has started to deliver sound as habitual. So from what I’ve experienced (a few times on my iOS device), the above tricks mostly get the job completed.

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