On Android 7.0 Nougat Fix the Battery Drain Problems

The past few years have witnessed smartphones suffering from closed platforms having just pre-installed applications. However, in order to head to the platforms hosting a lot of third party applications. But unluckily, this conversion has also led to a rapid expansion in the Abnormal Battery Drain (ABD) issues that are caused by software defects, misconfiguration, or environmental changes. Like problems are also able to drain a completely charged battery within a couple of hours. Hence in this guide, you will learn that On Android 7.0 Nougat Fix the Battery Drain Problems  

Abnormal Battery Drain

Therefore the ABD refers to abnormally fast draining of a smartphone’s battery that not cause by usual usage. From the view of using the device priorly had cause able battery life that is beneath the typical usage, but at some point, the battery unexpectedly started to drain faster than normal. As a result, whereas users probably comfortably and liable to use their phones for an entire day. Similarly, with an ABD issue their batteries probably unexpectedly exhaust within hours.

However, in our work, we fortuitously sampled 213 real-world battery problems from famous Android forums. Similarly, we found that 92% of them were ABD, whilst only 8% were due to normal, heavier usage. Many of these ABD incidents affected a significant number of users. For example, a release of the “Facebook for Android” app, with an estimated 12 million users at that time, had a bug that prevented the phone from entering sleep mode, thus draining the battery in as rapidly as 2.5 hours.Android 7 Battery drain

Android Nougat

However, as the first reported when the Developer Preview 2 version of the Android Nougat was around. Similarly, the Android 7.0 builds suffered from a problem affecting its battery life unfavorably. So even though reported in June, the problem still persists even when DP3, DP4, DP5, and at last the release build is out now.

Similarly, it was imagined in order to fix beneath the release build, as it was marked as solved, and set for reveal in future updates. But the users are reporting the same problem again. That is too sad, but as a consequence, the problem has been provided due to acknowledgment again. Marked as Assigned as enhancement team looks for a solution. You are also able to find the conversation over here: Android Issue Tracker.

Whether you too are encountering severe battery drain on Android Nougat. Next, you are also able to report your findings (along with the screenshot of the battery usage screen, whether capable) on that page.

So let’s hope the battery problem that is even existing in the NRD90M build of the Android 7.0. Gets fixed in the upcoming preservation update, Android 7.0.1/Android 7.1.

For the moment do report your findings of Nougat problems in the comments that are in the section below. As we will try our best in order to help you with them.

Fix the issue of Nougat Battery Drain

Alright, you have to try this. Go to the Settings > Battery > click on the 3-dot menu at the top right, and choose the Battery Optimization. Now, click on ‘Now optimized’, and also you have to choose the ‘All apps’ from the scroll-down.

Now, you have to click the 3-dot menu again, and also choose the option ‘Reset app preferences’. Although a pop-up will appear, then click on ‘RESET APPS’ now to reset all your apps preferences. Thus this will turn on the disabled apps, but more essentially for us, will reset permissions provided to all apps, that is what we like.

Now, when opening an app, any app, it will ask for permissions again. That is fine (only click on allow for all). Similarly, this would also fix the permissions problems and such with the device. With apps getting appropriate permissions. They won’t have the operations held back due to that, and you should view the improvement in the life of the battery.

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On Android 7.0 Nougat Fix the Battery Drain Problems-Conclusion

On Android 7.0 Nougat you have to Fix the Battery Drain Problems. Thus I hope that you will like this post. If in case of queries you can ask us in the comments below. So do let us know how this works out for you.

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