On Android the Top 15 Best Square Icon Packs

square icon pack

Do you want Androids best square icon packs? Switching to an icon pack is the best method to obtain a new look for your unexciting looking phone screen. It is able to make your phone’s boring screen attractive and incredible. To Supply for this elasticity of change is the list of Square icon pack that you have to must try.

Square icon packs

Square icon packs include the following packs:

1: The Rifon – Icon Pack

Square icon pack

The Rifon is a classic icon pack that comes with a square flat design. Similarly, this icon pack comes with numerous icons to cover your installed apps. So being a paid app, it offers lots of icons with an option to put an icon mask to apps that are still not covered.

Download Rifon

2: The icon pack of Goolors Square Square icon pack


Although the Voxel flat style icon pack contains twenty-five icon classifications with an icon mask option. To provide you full control over customizing your phone screen. Additionally offering over 4800 HD icons, this app also offers HD wallpapers to more customize your screen.

Also Download Voxel flat style

4: Long Shadow Icon PackSquare icon pack

Long Shadow is able to cover over 3000 apps. Also supports most of the custom setups. So you are also able to use the icon masking feature. Whether you do not find the best icon for any of your installed apps.

Download Lond Shadow

5: The Squared Icon Pack

With the option for switching to a dynamic calendar is the square icon pack that offers over 1800 square flat icons. Included in its catalog of features is the muzei live wallpaper support, a collection of over 20 HD cloud wallpapers and dynamic calendar icons.

Download Square icon pack

6: Minimal UISquare icon pack

However, minimal UI is the flat icon pack that offers a square design. Similarly, it offers a range of colorful and recognizable icons for your smartphone. Additionally, with over 2100 icons, it also offers black and white differents of flat icons.

Also, Download Minimal UI

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7: Elta – Flat Style Icon Pack

Here we are saying that the Elta is an icon pack that supports all the major custom organizers. It is also able to permit you to select from a range of 25 icon classifications. However, it gives an icon base of over 4800 icons and also offers a themed mask option for your installed apps.

Download Elta

8: Rugos – Freemium Icon Pack

9: Clix – Icon Pack

This is an icon pack that offers HD icons, cloud wallpapers, and a dynamic calendar to fully manage your screen. However, this app does not cover an extensive collection of app icons. But it offers an icon request tool to lets you request an icon with a new update.

Must Download Clix

10: H2O Free Icon Pack

You are also able to try the H2O icon pack. If you like minimal style icon packs. So it is inspired by the style of Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS and is too good to try. However, this icon pack also supports most of the custom organizers and comes with different app icons to fully set up your phone screen.

Download H2O

11: O3 FreeSquare icon pack

This icon pack is free and it comes with over 4200 app icons that are able to work with most of the popular custom launchers. So you are also able to pick it for its minimal design and soft color choices. The app icons make it more favorable to try this app.

Download O3 Free

12: OnePlus Icon Pack – Square

Although for OnePlus Fans, the OnePlus icon pack is a must-try because it is incredible for them and also for others. This icon seems stylish and appealing to set up your screen and works with the most custom launchers.

Download One Plus icon pack

13: Viola

It is another unique icon pack that you are able to consider for its flat square design. And t comes with eye-catchy and beautiful colors to further customize your phone screen. It also offers a collection of 26 cloud wallpapers and a dynamic calendar for your phone screen.

Download Viola

14: Neon Pixelz

Neon pixelz can be picked to be teamed with nova launcher, apex launcher, move launcher Ex and more to come up with a customized phone screen. So that it comes with a base of over 400 icons with new ones added with every update.

Must Download Neon Pixlez

15: Glasklart – Icon Pack

This is a square icon pack that offers you a white and transparent square icon to organize your phone screen. Similarly, it also offers HD cloud wallpapers, dynamic calendar support, and an icon request tool to fully customize your phone.

Download Glasklart

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Moreover switching to an icon pack is the best method to attain a new look for your unexciting-looking phone screen. It is able to make your phone’s boring screen attractive and incredible. To Supply for this elasticity of change is the list of Square icon packs that you have to must try.

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