Open Numbers File on Windows PC with iCloud: Guide

Open Numbers File Need for opening a Numbers file but you are on a Windows PC? No issue, you are also able to use iCloud in order to access, edit, & head to the Numbers files. Even whether you do not have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac as well with an official Numbers application bit difficult. Here you will learn the way to Open Numbers File on Windows PC with iCloud.

Now, we are living in an era where people are possessing numerous devices, however, which are switched by various operating systems, & also work environments are often mixed also with Mac, Windows, PC, iOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS, Linux, Android, & all other things. So, guys let’s now say you possess a MacBook which you guys use whilst you are on the move. But also possess a Windows desktop at your home or also an office, so then you will often find problems trying in order to open iWork documents also adding the ones also from the Numbers app on your Windows machine. However, this is as Microsoft Excel is not able of opening .numbers files & also the iWork suite is not available for Windows.

Another way is there for the opening, editing, and also managing the spreadsheets which you created on your macOS & also iOS devices. Alright, guys! Whether you were scabbing the internet for an accurate solution, so then you have to look no further. Here, we will be explaining exactly the way in which you are also able to head to the Numbers files on Windows PC by using iCloud.

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Open Numbers File on Windows PC with iCloud

However, guys, this may be the easiest and simple way for opening the iWork documents just on your Windows PC. Similarly, as it does not need the installation of any software. So then you don’t even need to install the iCloud desktop application for Windows. As we will be making use of your web browser rather. Just without further fuss, so guys let’s now take a look at the essential steps.


  • First of all, you have to open any web browser. Simply install on your PC and then you have to go to Simply you have to type in your Apple ID details & also tap on the arrow simply to log into your iCloud account.Open Numbers File
  • So then you will be taken to the iCloud homepage. Now tap on the “Numbers” app though which is located right below Calendar.
  • Here you have to tap on the “Upload” icon located at the top of the page. As shown in the screenshot mentioned below.Open Numbers File
  • However, this action will also now open a window for you to browse via folders. Now you have to choose the .numbers file which you are able to also access and tap “Open”.
  • Guys now you should wait for the file just to upload, so it will take a few seconds, hanging on your internet connection. So now you must “Double-click” the uploaded file in order to open it on iCloud.
  • Thus guys it will take just a few seconds in order to load. But at a time when it is complete. So then you will also be able to view & also make edits simply to the Numbers file & store it right on the cloud. Or guys download it back to your Windows PC simply in a supported format such as the PDF or Excel, whether that is what you favor.Open Numbers File

That’s all complete!

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Guys, now you have to do for opening Numbers files simply on your Windows laptops & desktops.

Though the Numbers app on iCloud works in the same fashion just to Google Sheets

Henceforth, guys, you do not need to worry simply about iWork compatibility problems. Similarly, when you are switching b/w numerous devices. Because is not able of opening the files. But is also able of converting documents also to extensively supported formats. iCloud are also able to be used in order to view & also edit Microsoft Excel documents whether you find Numbers’ layout further requesting.

Another option is for taking action before you send iWork files just to your Windows machine. Simply by confirming that you have a copy of the document in a Windows supported file format for preventing the same condition. Like you are also able to export your Numbers spreadsheet even an Excel file right on your MacBook. Or change the Numbers to Excel on iPhone or iPad, before you guys even also save the document.

Alright guys it is not clear that why Microsoft has not so far added support for Numbers files simply to Microsoft Excel. A well as considering that how Excel spreadsheets are also able to be opened on Numbers as any further file. But probably that feature will arrive down the road.

However, numbers are Apple’s answer just to Microsoft Excel that is used in order to make and also manage spreadsheets. Just by many people nowadays, especially whether you are heavily in the Apple ecosystem. Therefore it is also a part of the iWork productivity suite though which also introduce by Apple way back in 2007 for Mac OS powered machines as MacBooks, iMacs, etc. Later made its way simply to iOS devices just as the iPhone & also iPad in 2010, and definitely, it has also developed & improved afterward to this day. However, it is the best app for spreadsheets & it should not be discounted.

Well, guys! Here We have a few questions for you so reply to us in the comments section below. Did you open your Numbers spreadsheets on Windows PC by using the iCloud? What do you think of this cloud-based solution in order to access iWork documents? Or do you view yourself by taking advantage of this workability in the long run as you switch b/w numerous devices?

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Open Numbers File on Windows PC with iCloud-Conclusion

Alright, guys do let us know your own opinions. In this guide wee have thoroughly explained the way to Open Numbers File on Windows PC with iCloud, we hope you will like the guide. If you face any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below. We will try to come to you shortly.

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