Origin Stream of Games on Steam – Tutorial

Well, one of the best features of Steam is the ability in order to install a game on one computer and stream it to another actually. It comes in handy if you guys want to play a game that uses most of the resources from a less powerful computer, for example, a laptop. We are going to discuss Origin Stream of Games on steam – Tutorial.

Origin Stream of Games on Steam – Tutorial

Well, not only can you use the Steam streaming feature for games that you purchased from the Steam store as well. However, you can also stream non-Steam games from Origin for example Sims 4 and SimCity. Just follow these steps below.

  • You first have to download and install Steam on both the client and host computers.
  • Then open Steam on the host computer as well.
  • You have to choose the “Games” menu, and then select “Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library…“.
  • Select the Origin game from the list, and then you need to choose “Add Selected Programs“.
  • Now from the computer where the Origin game is installed, you have to open Origin.
  • Head to the “Origin” menu, and then choose “Application Settings“.
  • Choose “Origin In Game” in the left pane actually.
  • Now uncheck the “Enable Origin in Game” check box as well.
  • Choose “Advanced” in the left pane.
  • Also, check the “Automatically exit Origin after closing a game” option, and then close Origin.
  • Well, from the client’s computer, just open Steam.
  • Now choose your game, then select the “Stream” button.

The game should now open and stream from your computer over the network as well.

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