Photos Stored On Mac: How & Where Photos Stored On Mac

Photos Stored On Mac

Most of the users face difficulty in finding Photos Stored On Mac devices. On Mac, the Photos app is also responsible for managing all images. That is inside the application such as photos transferred from your iPhone or memory card. This is as well as those that are important. So, for the curious ones, it is also possible to be wonder where are photos stored on Mac. In this case, the Photos app on Mac OS aims to manage all images found within the application. It includes the pictures copied from an iPhone or memory card into the Photos app and those imported into the app as well. Did you ever wonder that where those actual Photos files are stored on a Mac?

So, we are also going to show you that how to locate the image files. Those files also contain this within the Photos app on Mac OS. Also, this is very specific to the Photo app. In case,  if you don’t use the Photos app. Then you have to manage pictures on your Mac then your photos will not be stored within the applications package in the library. Apart from this, you would also likely find them through Finder in the generic Pictures folder. This is also somewhere else who is in Mac OS.

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Do Photos and iPhoto the Same On Mac?

So, The Photos is considering the ideal tool in photo management for Mac users. Then before the Photos, this also took the stage. Also, Apple creates 2 applications for managing photos and videos. On the other hand, iPhoto specifically, is ideal for those who have less experience in photography. Then the Aperture can prefer and the choice for those who want to indulge in editing.

Besides this, the availability of the Photos app also blurs the line between these two apps. This also combines the very best of the two things. This thing is along with the addition of new features such as iCloud Photo Library and the iCloud Photo Sharing.

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This feature is for those who have used iPhoto before, it will be a breeze to use the Photos app. Now, All the photos, albums, and collections are also found in the main window with a navigation sidebar. That navigation bar is available on the left side and then you can also choose the different viewing options at the top part of the interface.

So, the main difference between iPhoto and the Photos app is its performance. In case, if you have a big library, then iPhoto also tends to choke up or lag and it. This had arbitrary limitations that would also restrain the sizes of the albums and collections.

Also, this has a very different case with the Photos app. From these, the limitations are gone and capable of handling larger libraries. However, the general interface of the Photos apps might be the same. Then it is relatively faster and a powerful tool than it is predecessor.

How Photo Stores On MacOS?

In this case, your photos can store on your Mac or iCloud. So, the initial step is that to make ensure that your photos are on your Mac. Normally, photos can also take up disk space, especially if you have a lot.

So, simply you have to open the Photos app and then click on the “Preferences” option. After that, choose the iCloud tab. In case, if you want to store your photos in iCloud. Then you must select the option to “Download Originals to this Mac”. After that, this will also ensure that all your photos are on the disk and then the next task for you is to find them.

The File Location of Photos Stored On Mac OS:

So, the Photos image files can also store in the following location in Mac OS:

~/Pictures/Photos Library. photoslibrary/Masters/

In this case, the ~ tilde represents the user’s home directory. Also, if you are going to use the excellent Go To Folder command. Then you have to access that directory and don’t skip the ~ prefix.

Photos Stored On Mac

So, this is also very obvious because they focus on a local image file. This is not anything that can store within the iCloud. Apart from this, they can also access this through iCloud Photo Library or the Photos app.

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Way to Access Where Photos Files Are Stored in Mac OS:

In this case, if you are going to manually navigate to the Photos. Then the file location by using the Finder if you would use the following steps;

  • First of all, you have to open the Finder in Mac OS. Then go to your home directory.
  • You have to Go to the “Pictures” folder.
  • After that, you can also Locate the file named “Photos Library. photos library”.
  • In this step, you have to Right-click (or Control+Click) on “Photos Library. photos library”. Then choose the “Show Package Contents”.
  • Now, you have to open the folder named “Masters”. You have to find the image files that can contain within the Photos app.

Photos Stored On Mac

So, the Master’s folder that can also contain the directories of photos. These photos can organize by the date in year, month, and day subfolders. In each of the folders, there are the image files from that specific date.

You have to note this if you delete a picture from the master directory. Then this will no longer be accessible in the Photos app. So, this can not recommend for obvious reasons. After that, Copy a file from the directory if you wish to edit it.

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So, the package folder is not only intended to be user-facing which is why it is hidden.  Although, you can also access your files directly if you so desire.

In case, if you will confuse then right-click / control-click approach to accessing the Photos master image files.

Also, another approach is to find the original file from the Photos app on Mac. This is by using the “Show Referenced” function. Also, it will open a Finder window that can directly find a file that was chosen from the Photos app.

The  Mac users will also notice that Photos app images are also located to the same package style containment. So, the other common Mac apps, and also in the same parent directory. This is where iPhoto images are found and where Photo Booth files can locate.

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So, for the curious ones, it is also possible to be wonder where the photos can store on mac. In this case, the Photos app on Mac OS aims to manage all images found within the application. It includes the pictures copied from an iPhone or memory card into the Photos app and those imported into the app as well. So, we are also going to show you that how to locate the image files.

Hope this guide will help to understand this topic. If You still have any issues let us know in the comments below.

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