Recover Apple ID: How To Fix If You Forget Your Password

Recover Apple ID

Here are some of the tips and tricks through which you can Recover Apple ID. If you Forget the login and password to an Apple ID. So, this is not the best feeling in the world. You guys have an idea that how integral an Apple login is to the broader iOS and Mac OS X experience. In case, if you or someone else will forget an Apple ID or the password to an Apple account. Then this is what should you do? The very First thing that you don’t freak out about is we are human and this stuff happens. If Apple provides you multiple ways to recover a forgotten ID login or password. Then you can start the recovery process either directly on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Mac, Windows PC. This is just about anything with a web browser.

Now, The different processes are described below that will work to recover a forgotten Apple ID. This also means that the email address is used to login and then reset a forgotten Apple ID password. So, that this can be particularly helpful if you are also setting up a new device for yourself or someone else. You can switch a device to a credit-card-free ID, or by changing the Apple ID associated with a device. Then you can’t remember the pertinent login information. In this case, if your email also changes at some point then you did not update your Apple details to go along with it.

So, Before anything else, you must know that you can always contact Apple support directly. Also, if you want assistance through the official channels to regain account access. This may also the best option that is for users who are overwhelmed or confused. Let’s get started!

How To Reset Forgotten/Recover Apple ID or Password on iPhone & iPad?

So, This is all done on an iOS device and then it often has the simplest way to log back into an Apple account:

  1. First of all, you have to open the Settings app. Then scroll down and then click on your name or the iCloud if older iOS exists.
  2. You have to click on the email address that is at the very top of the iCloud settings screen.
  3. After that, Tap on the blue text that is underneath the password entry. Then that can also say that “Forgot Apple ID or Password?”.  Now, you will have two choices:
    • The first one is: In case if you know that your Apple ID but don’t remember the password. Then type in your email address and then click on the “Next” button to start the reset process.
    • The second one is: In case If you don’t know your Apple ID then click on the “Forgot your Apple ID?” option. After that, fill out your full name and email address so that you can recover the Apple ID login. If yes then you can do the password reset after you have the Apple ID.
  4. Then the Answer to the security questions that can pertain to that Apple ID. So, that they can follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.

At this point, if you should be good to go. Then you can also reset the password that is for the account and then login as usual. Then what if this does not work, or what if it does not find your Apple ID? Now, You can try one of the next two options.

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How To Find a Forgotten Apple ID by Email or Old Email Address?

In this step, if this also has more than the advanced trick to search multiple email addresses. Then this is which can incredibly helpful if you can also switch to email accounts. Now, at some point in time and that is what has also caused the login problem. After that, this can be done with any web browser in iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows.


  1. First of all, you have to open the web browser of choice. Then you have to go to this Apple iForgot website.
  2. Now, enter the first and the last name associate this with the Apple ID. Then your current email address, and then any of the prior email addresses. You can also start the reset process.
  3. So, that the Answer in the security questions can associate this with the user to complete the reset process.

Now, this will also help to find the Apple ID then if you can’t recall the password to that ID. So, it can then get if you would also need to go to the next step as well.

How To Reset/ Recover Apple ID Password from the Web?

In this step, You can also start the password reset process that is from the official Apple ID website. Then this also can be done on any device that is as long as you have a web browser:

  1. You have to Go to this Apple ID site that is under the “Manage your Apple ID”. Then choose the “Reset your password” option.
  2. You have to Enter the email address that can associate this with the account. The answer to the security question is as usual to complete the password reset process.

The Other methods to Activate iPhone

So, this section also describes the different methods that you can apply to your device. Then you can activate it. Now, some of these methods use your Apple ID, and then others do not. This will also Depend on how you would like to activate your iPhone. So, that you will also need to use one of the following methods.

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No 1. To Attempt All Possible Passwords You Can Think Of to Recover Apple ID

Meanwhile, if you find that your iPhone is stuck on the activate screen. Then the very first thing that you need to do is to try and then recall it. So, all of the possible Apple ID passwords that you can think of. Now, Most likely this can after having a few attempts. Then you will be able to recall the correct password for your account.

Try Birthdate or an Anniversary Date:

Most of the Users often use their birthdate or anniversary date in their passwords. You can also try to recall the important events of your life and then their dates. Then see if one of them is actually in your Apple ID password.

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Try the Favorite Item’s Name:

In case, if Your password could also get the name of one of your favorite items. So, that this could be your pet, your favorite food, and your favorite location. Now, anything that you value in your life. You have to Guess all the possibilities and you might just end up with the correct password.

So, the above case should help you to guess the password. Then ultimately it is up to you to recall the correct password.

No 2. The Best Way to Reactivate iPhone without Password

In case, if you are finding an easy but productive way to reactivate your iPhone. This is without Apple ID and password. Then AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker that can definitely help you. So, that it also has software that can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and unlock your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in a few clicks. Then Professional team with the 7-year experience. This can currently get the support of the device running in iOS 12.3 and above. Now, The supported device models are iPhone 5S to iPhone X, iPad 4 to iPad 7, iPod Touch 7 to iPod Touch 9.

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Here are some of the simple steps to activate an iPhone when forgot an Apple ID and password.

Step 1. To Download the AnyUnlock on Mac computer. Then Install and launch it. You can connect your iPhone and then choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

In the end, if you are completely stuck then you are annoyed, confused, or none of the above has worked. Then you can also contact Apple directly about your account and then in many situations they can also help you to regain access again.

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In case, if you or someone else will forget an Apple ID or the password to an Apple account. Then this is what should you do? The very First thing that you don’t freak out about is we are human and this stuff happens. If Apple provides you multiple ways to recover a forgotten ID login or password. Then you can start the recovery process either directly on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Mac, Windows PC.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue! If You have any questions then let us know in the comment section below.

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