Review: Power Banks For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Are you looking for the best power banks for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+? Whether you are heading for a tour or picnic with your family or friends, one thing you shouldn’t fail to carry is lots of extra power for your device. If you want to do that, you will need a high power bank for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. Which is where we come into play.

For your ease, here a complete list of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus power banks. The key features we focus on are battery capacity, portability, and safety. Better still, they have been primed to allow you juice up not only your iPad, iPhone but also on any other mobile. Let’s move down the list to choose the best option!

List Of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Power Banks:

  • Mogix Fast Charging Power Bank
  • X-DRAGON Power Bank with Digital Display
  • Slim Power Bank for Luxtube
  • iMuto Power Bank with Portable Charger
  • Power Bank with 3 External Ports from RAVPower
  • Yoobao Power Bank with Dual Port
  • Powercore+ Mini Aluminum Power Bank from Anker
  • Wireless Portable Charger by SANAG
  • Anker PowerCore Power Bank with PowerQI Technology
  • Solar Power Bank from AMAES

Mogix Fast Charging Power Bank

Mogix Fast Charging Power Bank

Mogix’s external battery charger in an amazing power bank. 10400mAh battery is best enough to keep your device powered up after a short trip. Double ports with 2.5A & 2.1A are very decent while juicing up two devices at one go with full speed.

The power bank features 4 LEDs to allow you to instantly check out the remaining power. Superior circuitry is the best feature that keeps off threats such as overcharging. Since it’s compact or thin, you can easily carry it even in your pocket.

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Power Bank With Digital Display from X-DRAGON

Endowed with all the feature-rich power bank, BW DISTRIBUTORS provides reliability. With an amazing 16000 mAh battery, this external charger will never allow your iPhone to die for want of power. Another amazing aspect of this charger is the lightning-fast speed. It charges your phone very fast.

Its elegant design offers improved grip, allowing you to easily hold it in your hands. The lightweight design with the water-resistant structure (IPX67 rating) makes it different from others. Rather than this, it also comes with dual ports.

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Luxtude Slim Power Bank

Luxtude Power Banks For iPhone 7

A lightweight, ultra-slim, and good power bank for iPhone 7 with built-in Apple lightning cable. It has a 0.31-inch sleek profile, you can easily hold both mobile and power bank together.

The certified lightning MFi cable takes a super quick charge, very fast just like the original cable. Also, the UL certified battery ensures its safety and sound after charge.

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Power Bank with Portable Charger from iMuto

If your main priority is the design of a power bank, iMuto is the best option for you. It is sleek, slim, and very lightweight in design. Also, it makes it perfect to carry around. If we talk about the battery, it provides a 20000mAh battery with two USB ports to charge a few devices.

Besides many other power banks, this one doesn’t provide LED indicators. Rather than, it provides a digital display that displays accurate power in the battery. At last, it offers two color options.

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RAVPower Power Bank with 3 External Ports

RAVPower Power Bank with 3 External Ports

As its name suggests RAVPower is like a powerhouse. It boasts 26800mah colossal battery, also it powers up your iPhone many times. It offers 3 USB ports that let you charge three devices together with fast speed.

If we talk about its features then it has smart IC frequency technology. The tech is equipped to offer safer or higher current conversion. You can also recharge your mobile within a few hours. If you are searching for a powerful power bank that delivers the best performance, then you shouldn’t look beyond this one.

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Power Bank with Dual Input Port by Yoobao

Want a robust power bank that can make a good match using your fashionable profile? Yoobao sports an impressive or sleek design that makes it a firm favorites for those who prefer stunning stuff.

It features sandblasting oxidation for a smooth finish. Yoobao has a sufficient 10000mAh battery that offers enough juice to your device so that your extended play keeps rocking.

And with the 10-layer security system onboard, your iPhone can keep the challenges successfully such as overcharging or overcurrent at bay. You’ll also get an 18-month warranty that makes it a perfect deal.

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Anker PowerCore+ Mini Aluminum Power Bank

Anker PowerCore+ Power Banks For iPhone 7

If you talk about the most portable or desirable power bank, Anker PowerCore+ Mini is the best option for you. Its lipstick-sized design offers a stunning look that can add glamour to the style quotient.

With the aluminum-coated, it’s amazing and able to resisting impact. It offers a 3350mAh battery that provides sufficient charge to allow you to use your device with a bit more freedom. Its charging speed is good with PowerIQ technology.

You can choose this nice power bank in 4 colors like silver, pink, black and gold. Also, it offers an 18-month warranty.

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SANAG Wireless Portable Charger

SANAG Wireless Battery wrapped with ultra-advanced in-built cables and Qi charging pad. It is built to work both as a wireless or wired charger for your device. The 10000mAh battery, it is completely equipped to charge your iPhone very fast.

An LED digital display also displays the remaining capacity. It can also compatible with over-voltage, over-charged, over-discharged, over-current, and short circuit protection. It can charge four devices at a time that makes it more user-friendly.

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PowerCore Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology from Anker

PowerCore Power Bank- Power Banks For iPhone 7

The half stars and 4 out of 15000+ customer reviews are the best reflection of the product quality and its brand.

It can spice up your iPhone 7 up to 7 times, thanks to the efficient 20100mAh battery. With VoltageBoost or PowerIQ technologies, the external charger delivers fast charging.

MultiProtect safety system ensures your device can fight out the threats like short-circuiting easily. Also, it comes with an 18-month warranty.

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AMAES Solar Power Bank

AMAES acts like a portable solar charger for your smartphones. You can also recharge this power bank in daylight and then charge your smartphone devices anywhere. Remember that you can easily recharge this power bank under the sun in an emergency. Also, you can use your power adapter or USB cable to recharge this portable charger if you’ve no emergency.

It is equipped with a double flash LED light. However, this power bank can also be used whenever you are camping or on a picnic. It has sports 3 or IPX5 Rainproof ports for a simultaneous charge. Once completely charged, you can use it for four to five days.

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Choose one of these amazing power banks for your iPhone 7/7 Plus and remain spiced up time and during holidays or camping. Which power bank from the above list you use to keep your device charged up all the time? I would be glad to know the answer. Also, if there is any power bank that can spice up wildcard entry into this list, then let us know below. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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