Safari Icon: What To Do If Safari Icon Is Missing From iPhone

Safari Icon

If you are also facing the issue of the Safari icon missing from the Home screen from your Apple iPhone or iPad? So, let’s get started! Then here are some of the things that you have to check. After following these guidelines your safari icon is again showing on the iPhone or iPad.

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Some of the step to fix the safari icon missing issue:

To Check Folders and Other Screens if safari icon missing

You have to flick your finger left or right in order to switch between the Home screens. In order to see that if you can accidentally move it into the other screen. By using this you also have to make sure in order to check that. So that you can see if it was placed in a folder on one of the screens or not.

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To Search safari icon:

  • By using the Home screen you have to swipe all the way over to the left. In order to reveal the search box.
  • By using the Search box you have to type the safari. In this case, the icon that should be revealed.

To Check Restrictions of safari icon:

So, this is one of the most common issues. So, the restriction setting that can also hide the Safari icon. You just have to check it under the Settings of the system.

  • By using the iOS12 that is higher than that. Then you can choose the Screen Time. Now click on the Content Privacy & Restrictions. After that click on the Content Privacy and then click on the Allowed Apps. By using the iOS 11 and the lower then you can choose the General then click on Restrictions.
  • In this case, if the restrictions are enabled then you have to ensure that Safari is also set to the On. Option

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To Reset Home Screen:

In this case, if you cannot find the icon then you may want to reset the Home screen in order to go into the Settings. Then you have to click on the Reset and tap on the Reset Home Screen Layout option. Now, this will also reset all the icons to their factory default positions on the Home screen.

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The Last Resort:

In case, if none of the above tips works. Then this is the time so that you can try to Restore with these steps:

  • You just have to connect to your device in order to that your computer and then launch the
  • Then select on your device that is available on the left pane that is under the Devices.
  • Now you have to select the Summary.
  • After that select the Restore option

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We hope that you can try these steps in your Safari icon. Then will be restored to the Home screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. In this case, you can still not find the icon and then you can receive it on your device from a corporate or school environment. So, that you may have the software installed on the device that can locks Safari down. You can also prevent it from being used.


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