Samsung Secure Folder Review: All You Need To Know

Samsung Secure Folder Review

This article is about the Samsung Secure Folder review. So, Samsung secure folder is a great way in order to keep your information safe. Now the secure folders can also encrypt the space where you can also save the files in such as videos, documents, pictures, and apps. Then there is one but that you have to access to this folder.

Now the Samsung Secure Folders are a part of Samsung Knox. Then it can come as the pre-install on it in many modern Samsung smartphones. This can such as Note 9 and then the S10. Then this is that if you don’t have these smartphones then you can still get the secure folder by downloading the app.

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Samsung Secure Folder: Ways to Set Up

In case, if you have not set up your Samsung account then this is now that you would be a good time to do it. In order to start using it by the Secure Folder then you are going to need it in order to use your Samsung account. You can also set up a process that is not complicated so that there is nothing that you need to worry about.

When you have set up your Samsung account then it has the time in order to set up your Secure Folder. You can also swipe down from the top of your display and then tap on the gear icon and then go to the Settings.

Samsung Secure Folder Review


You can also select the Lock screen and then the security. In order to swipe down that can until you see the Secure Folder option. Also, you can now open this option and then select the arrow that is pointing right to the continue option. Then sign in to your Samsung account and then choose the layer of security that you want the folder to have.

In case, if you choose a swipe pattern then you will also ask it in order to introduce the pattern twice. You have to make your Secure Folder that is even more secure. You have to go ahead and then add another layer of security. This can either has an Intelligent Scan or Fingerprint.

When you have access to the Secure Folder and then tap on the Add Files option at the top. This can also let you say that you want to add an image. You just have to select all the images that are the type of file that you want to add and then choose the image. Now you will be asked if you wish to copy or move the file and then the choice is yours. This can also select the image and then tap on the Done option that is available at the top right.


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Ways to Back up and Restore Samsung Secure Folder _ Review:

This always has the better in order to be safe and than you can say sorry. So, that is why it has still a good idea in order to create a back up of your Secure Folder.


You can also Go to the Secure Folder’s settings. Then click on the Backup and restore option. After that click on the Back up Secure Folder data. Now choose the files that you want in order to back up and then tap on Back Up now/Restore now.

Also, it is also possible in order to delete a backup that you already created. Then go to the Settings. Click on the Backup and restore option then tap on the Delete Secure Folder backup data. Now you can choose what you want in order to erase and then select the Delete option.

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Ways to Remove/Customize the Secure Folder App Icon from App Drawer

In order to keep your Secure Folder even safer then remove the app icon from the app drawer. You have to Got to the folder’s settings and then you can toggle off the option that you can also say the Show Secure Folder. Also, it will go in order to remove the app icon. Then it won’t delete the Secure Folder from your device.

Now you can also have the option of personalizing the app’s icon. Click on the menu icon that is available at the top of your display and then choose the Customize icon option.  Then you can also change the name of the folder and then choose it from the pre-installed icons.

So, this is all about Samsung secure folder review

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In this, you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your information safe. Also, this has more sensitivity in the data is, and then the higher the security measures should be. Then the Samsung Secure Folders have a great way in order to keep that confidential information safe from intruders. Did these files will you be placing in the Secure Folders or not?

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