Send GIFs On WhatsApp – Tutorial

Do you want to send Gifs on WhatsApp? GIFs are an alternative way of communication also it plays an important role on the Internet. They’re very popular for displaying funny mistakes, animals doing naughty things and different kinds of reaction images. Originally WhatsApp didn’t support GIFs but the support is added in 2017. In fact, there are also some limitations on how you can share GIFs. So how can you share a top tier reaction GIF to your loved ones on WhatsApp?

Gifs On Android

Send GIF

On android there three efficient methods that you can use to send GIFs. Initially, if you have an animated gif stored on your mobile, you can simply pick it as you would any other picture and share it directly.

Another ay to share a GIF is simply by converting a video to a GIF. When you move to share a video, there’s an option located at the top right-hand corner (on the display screen where you can easily crop your video length) to share the video as it is or to convert it to a GIF.

The final but not the least option is to use the GIPHY search function. WhatsApp provides an integrated GIPHY search function so that you can easily find and share GIFs without leaving WhatsApp. The GIPHY integration feature comes with some tabs of suggested tags and a built-in search function so that you can easily find the GIF you want too. If you want to open GIPHY you can then tap the sticker icon located in the right of the chat bar or click the “GIF” label under the left whenever you browse images stored on your mobile.

Send Gifs On WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

On WhatsApp Web, you can also share GIFs through GIPHY functionality. If you want to access GIPHY, all you need is to tap on the smiley located on the left of the chat bar and then tap on the GIF icon under the left corner.

Limitations Or Restrictions:

Unfortunately, WhatsApp lacks the support of linking animated GIFs. If you want to send a link to a GIF the link will send perfectly. In some situations, you might get an inline embedded picture, but its preview won’t be animated.

But in WhatsApp Web, you can’t upload custom GIFs from your PC. WhatsApp simply converts an uploaded GIF to a static JPEG and shows a notification by the caption bar saying “This file was changed from the original. Learn more”. When you tap on the option of “Learn more” a pop-up message appears and says that “Custom GIF animations are not currently supported.”


I hope you’ll find it helpful. You can now enjoy sharing Gifs with your friends and family member. If you want to ask anything regarding this article then feel free and drop your comment below!

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