Step-By-Step Guide To Highlight Text In Google Sheets

Do you want to highlight text in Google Sheets? Have you ever try to create a spreadsheet? You could use a spreadsheet to track your business or home expenses, make your budget list, compile data, and lots of other things. But, if you can’t touch a spreadsheet before, then Google Sheets makes it quite easy and I highly recommend you give it a try. If you already have a Google account, then visit Google Docs site and begin creating!

After you have created a Sheet you might realize you like to highlight some data you have entered after adding a “fill color” to the cell. There are lots of colors to select from, even! NOTE! This is quite helpful if you select to use Sheets to study for tests in university. You can input an infinite amount of data, create graphs or charts, and then color-code to highlight everything…

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to do this, then you don’t need to fret, so here are the instructions you need to follow:

Highlight Text In Google Sheets Via Desktop PC:

Highlight Text

In a spreadsheet highlighting things can be quite different. Rather than highlighting words you just use the Fill feature to highlight the whole column, cell, or row. Initially, obviously, you are trying to pick whatever you want to have highlighted.

Step 1:

To choose a row, tap on the row number all the way to the left.

Step 2:

If you want to pick a column, tap on the column letter located at the top of it.

Step 3:

To pick a single cell, tap anywhere in that cell.

Step 4:

To choose many cells in different columns or rows, just tap within one cell. It will be highlighted in blue. Then hold down your Control button and then tap on the other cells.

Step 5:

Using your selection made, just look at the top to the toolbar and then search the small icon that seems like a bucket of paint and a drop of paint coming out of it. This icon is your Fill Color selector.

Step 6:

Just tap there and select your color. Once again, tap outside the chosen area and your color has now been successfully applied!

Congratulation! You have successfully highlighted your Sheet text!

How To Highlight Text Via iOS Or Android

Highlight Text In iOS

Finishing this task using your Android device is quite different than how you do it on your PC. But it is not difficult, it just quite handy. Initially install the Google Sheets app using your respective app store first. Then, open up your spreadsheet. Then follow the steps below to highlight your cells:

Step 1:

Tap on any cell you want to highlight and then drag to choose all of the ones you want.

Step 2:

Then click on the ”Format” button, which seems like a capital letter A with small lines to the right of it.

Step 3:

Then search for the ”Cell” tab and then move down to select ”Cell Fill Color” and tap your desired color. Voila!

Step 4:

You will then realize that you can also instantly add a cell border from here and modify its style and color.


What other questions or queries about Sheets do you have? Let us know in the comments sections below. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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