Steps To Fix Google Play Store Error 963

Are you wondering to fix Google Play Store Error 963? Sometimes, we all take the Android user experience or install lots of apps but never run into a single problem. Well, the Google Play Store is just good but it is very reliable. There are some Google Play Store errors such as error 963 which are quite a trouble for everyone.

If you are having a tough time resolving this error, head over to the steps we are given below.

How To Fix Google Play Error 963:

If you are facing this kind of error, then you might know that the full error reads “App couldn’t be downloaded because of error (963)”. So, the error prevents users from updating or downloading apps on the Google Play Store. But why the error occurs?

The common reason behind this is the app location. However, the affected app is located on external storage. Alternatively, it is possible that the error occurs due to an abundance of the locally stored cache.

Method 1 – Erase SD card & Move Apps To Local Storage

SD card

This error and lots of similar issues occur while installing apps on the Play Store that occur because of the SD card. Namely, some older mobile iterations allowed for many apps to be moved to external storage just to relieve some internal storage.

However, both data or cache are still saved locally, this was quite essential. At least for large games that can take more storage space. And it still is, at least for some devices and some apps.

However, some things modified in the meantime, and lots of apps that got updates apparently stops work from external storage these days. That’s the cause of our issue right there.

Initially, just try and move the app that’s causing the error 963 to local storage. If it still occurs, erase (unmount) your SD card and try to update it again. That should address the problem.

Follow these steps to unmount an SD card from your mobile:

Step 1:

Head over to Settings.

Step 2:

Then select Storage.

Step 3:

From the External storage, click on the SD card and then choose Unmount.

Method 2 – Wipe Store’s cache & data

clear cache

Now, if the problem still occurs, we recommend you wipe the cache and data from the Google Play Store and the linked system app, Google Play Services. This should fix the issue completely.

Follow these steps to wipe the data or cache from the Play Store and Play Services:

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings.

Step 2:

Select Apps.

Step 3:

You can then open All apps or App Manager.

Step 4:

Click on the 3-dot menu and select to show system processes.

Step 5:

Now locate the Google Play Store and then open it.

Step 6:

Head over to the Storage.

Step 7:

Wipe the cache first and then all data.

Step 8:

Move back to the all apps list, then locate Google Play Services and wipe data or cache as well.

Step 9:

Then reboot your mobile and look for improvements.

Method 3 – Uninstall Play Store Updates

uninstall play store updates

If you still face the Google Play error 963, you can then uninstall updates to Google Play Services or Google Play Store. They will automatically update and, hopefully, without any issue this time.

Follow these steps to uninstall updates from the Google Play Services or Google Play Store:

Step 1:

Head over to Settings > Apps > App manager.

Step 2:

Then open the Google Play Store and click Uninstall updates.

Step 3:

Move back to all apps then open Google Play Services and then uninstall updates there as well.

Step 4:

Now reboot your device and try to install the buggy app again.

Method 4 – Install App APK


At last, if the error still occurs every time whenever you update or install a specific app on the Google Play Store, you can then try to install it from the third-party source. Head over to APK Mirror, here, or any other APK website and then install or download whatever you want.

A prompt appear to allow the system permission to install or download apps from third-party sources. When you’ve done, the APK installation will be done within few seconds.

There are lots of models of many popular apps, some dating months back. You can also make your choice and ignore Google Play Store simulatenously. Now, we don’t suggested this for all apps or to make it standard practice just for security perspective. However, in this situation, we thought to suggest it as an alternative.


I hope you find it helpful. I suggested you to report other Play Store problems or post your questions in the comments section below. I you know any other method that we forgot to mention here then let us know below. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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