SWF Player On Mac: Ways To Play & View On Mac

SWF Player On Mac

Do you guys have any idea about what is Swf player and how to play and view SWF Player On Mac? If No, then here is how to play and view. Hardly, most of the Mac users also may come across SWF files. This will also open and then access. In case, if you have an SWF file that you need to view. You can also play, or open on a Mac and you can do so with a variety of freely available tools.

The SWF is the file format for Adobe Flash files. Also, you can encounter the SWF files in various situations. Then web-related or design work if it is working with web animations. Now, most of the types of web video, graphic work, interactions, and then other similar web content.

In this article, we will show you how to easily view and then play an SWF file on Mac. Then we will also cover a few different methods so you can use whatever works best for you.

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Explain: What Is SWF File?

The SWF is also pronouncing the Swiff. The file extension means that a Shockwave Flash Movie file. So, this also has to create by an Adobe program. Now, these are the animation files and this can usually hold the interactive texts and graphics. This must be used for online games.

Most of Adobe’s products will also create the SWF files. Most of the time, a handful of non-Adobe programs also produce such files. This is also called the Small Web Format. Just because of that it can also include video, audio, and also animations. So, they all are compressed to make it easy to share them online. Then the Windows won’t automatically play the SWF file because of the Flash that is being phased out.

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Ways to View & Play SWF player on Mac using VLC:

Now, the VLC player will open, play, and then view the SWF Files. So, here are very simple to play and view movies or videos. So, here all you need to do for that:

  • First of all, you have to download the VLC player on the Mac for free.
  • Then you have to Open the VLC Player.
  • You have to Drag and then drop the SWF file into the VLC player application. Also, with the VLC Dock icon, then you have to open and then play the SWF file on Mac.

SWF Player On Mac

Now, you can also drag and then drop the SWF file into the VLC playlist. This is also helpful if you have multiple SWF files if you want to play or view them. Also, if you were wondering, that VLC can also play FLV files too.

SWF Player On Mac

The VLC is a great app in general for viewing media files of all sorts of formats. Then the ranges from FLAC to MKV video. Moreover, this can also play multiple videos in a folder with playlists easily and then do much more. Also, it is a handy media viewer and the utility to have around on the Mac. This is even if you never need it for viewing an SWF file.

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How to View & Play SWF Files on Mac with Web Browsers

In case, if you already have the Flash player plugin installed. Then you don’t mind installing and then enabling the Adobe Flash plugin in a web browser. Also, this is not without risk if you can also view the SWF files. This is at any time by dragging and then dropping the SWF into the web browser with an SWF player.

Such as Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox all can play SWF files. In case, if they have the Adobe Flash plugin installed. This is not recommended to install the Flash player in Safari on Mac.


Also, the modern web browser will not have the Flash Player installed in it. Then by default anymore you can also be deprecating the plugin. This is just because of the performance or other reasons. Most of the older web browsers still have the Flash Player that is available either as an option. You can also built-in and then bundle this with the browser. Also, the version of Chrome had a Flash plugin that could be turned off. It depends on the user preference, whereas now Flash must be enabled in Chrome.

Most importantly, to run at all and then if you do use Chrome. You have to be sure to update Flash player through Google Chrome. Now, that is always running the newest version of the plugin available. Also, for some security reasons, this is generally a good idea to either not install Flash broadly. You can also uninstall Flash from the Mac in general. Now, you can only use it sandboxed within a browser app like Chrome.

How To Enabling Flash in Chrome to SWF Player On Mac?

  • Using the address bar of Chrome you have to type chrome://settings/content and then hit enter.
  • Now, Scroll down to the Flash Tab.
  • You can also turn off Block sites from the Running Flash option. Then you will also see the Ask First feature.

So, there is a website or a file that also needs Flash. Now, you will also ask if you want to activate the plug-in for that particular site.

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The Other ways to view & open:

So, there are some of the other options to view and then open the SWF files on a Mac too:

  • By Using the Flash Player debugger downloads from Adobe.
  • To use the free version of Elmedia Player to view an SWF file.

How To Convert An SWF File:

In case, if you want to convert it into other formats like AVI, MOV, HTML5, MP4, or MP3.  Now, in some of the cases, if you can also use any of the free video file converters. Then there are the SWF converters that can help you to convert the SWF file into a PNG or GIF file. Also, there are some the apps like Adobe Animate. These apps can convert it into an EXE file just by making it easy to run them without Flash Player. Also, you can use tools like After EffectsFreemake Video Converter, FileZigZag, or SWF Tools.

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SWF Player On Mac File Convert SWF to MP4 or MOV with After Effects:

  • First of all, you have to download and then install the After effects app.
  • You have to open the app and then import the file. Now, import the file and then go to the File menu. Then you can also select and then import. You have to go to the import files and then pick the SWF file you want to open.
  • Also, you can add the file to the render queue. This is either by dragging it or go to the compositions and then add to the render queue.
  • You can also set the settings in the output module. Now, in the render queue, and then set the output to wherever you want the file to go.

How To Edit SWF Files:

The FLA files or Adobe Animate Animation files compile the SWF files. So, that is why it is not easy to edit them. Apart from this, you can also edit the FLA file itself. Then these are the binary files that you can hold the source files that are for the entire Flash application. Now, these FLA files are also compiled that is with a Flash authoring program to build SWF files.

In case, if you are a Mac user then you can use the Flash Decompiler Trillix. You have to convert them to FLA files that are for editing and by converting various components. This is of the SWF file that is without using Adobe Flash. Now, you can also download the Flash decompiler.

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How To convert SWF to MP4 

  • You have to download and then install the VLC player.
  • Now, you have to launch the VLC and then click on the Media icon.
  • Then select the convert/save option.
  • After that, add the SWF if you want to convert on the window’s right side. Also, you can then select the convert/save option again.
  • Using the Profile, you can also select the output format as MP4. Then save it in the temp folder and then name the file.
  • Tap on the start option.

So, this is all about SWF player on mac.

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If you should leave an SWF file alone. Then if you will absolutely need to open it. So, there are various options that you can use. Now, you can also open it in IE and then the other web browsers or use VLC player. You have to open and then run the file. If you are opening it with browsers. You have to make sure that you enable Flash in your browser.

Also, don’t forget that the support for Flash will also no longer be available. This is by using any of the new versions of the browsers. Then by using the Flash that is no longer safe. You have to use it because it is susceptible to viruses and hacks. In case, if you are not using it then you must disable or uninstall it.

So, there are some of the ways to open an SWF file that is without Flash as well. If you can also use the tools that are just like SWF players. You can also use the hidden Flash Player by Adobe. Then you can also convert these files to open.

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