OnePlus 6T Android 10: How You Can Enable Android 10?

OnePlus 6T Android 10

This Android 10 version is the latest version and now you can enable it on OnePlus 6t android 10. So, let’s get started and learn to enable. Using the latest version of the Android series that has made its way into the market is in early September 2019. Then it has the seventeenth version of the mobile operating system that

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Ways To Active The Nova Launcher Android 10 Gestures

Nova Launcher Android 10 Gestures

You can Activate the nova launcher android 10 gestures. The Android 10  provides you new gesture navigation has invited a lot of criticism. With the Android 10 mobiles, it is slowly reaching more Android phones, and as it does it. Then can add the option of gesture navigation in which uses swipes. Now you can tap then instead of the three buttons

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Update Samsung Galaxy Note 9 DTA4 Firmware Version

note 9 dta4

Well, it might no longer be the most powerful Galaxy Note device, the Galaxy Note 9 is still one of the few handsets that are now getting a taste of what Android 10 is like. Last year’s Samsung flagship is sure to get the jump to the latest mobile OS from Google actually. And the South Korean company has already

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(Update: Sensors Problem Fixed) Android 10 Issues We Know Yet

Android 10 Issues

After months of unending guessing, the Android 10 has been unbinding in the wild. Similarly, the recent Google-made mobile OS packs contain lots of features, most of them aimed at making your life easier. But unluckily, with every major Android release, comes a set of disturbing bugs. And Android 10(issues) is also no exception. However, the users, who have had

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