Ways To Use Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10 _Guide

Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10

Here are some of the guidelines to use the Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10. Also, Mac has no longer internal DVD and CD-RW drives. This is for Mac users who will still need to use optical discs to the Apple SuperDrive. So, that this will also offer external all-in-one USB solutions. This can also read and write both CDs and

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Ways To Create An Apple ID Without A Credit Card

Create An Apple ID

So, Do you want to create an Apple ID without adding a payment method/credit card? Here are some of the ways to create an Apple ID. However, Apple asks for payment information while you create a new Apple ID by default. Then there is a nifty trick that you can also use to avoid adding any credit card information. In

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Facetime Waiting for Activation – Fix Error

facetime waiting for activation

There are many useful features on your iPhone that you guys might enjoy regularly or even on a daily basis when you figure out how you can use them. Facetime. For instance, is something that has gotten a lot of positive feedback from Apple customers when it was first introduced. In order to use Facetime, though, you guys must first

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How to Fix If iTunes Home Sharing Not Working

itunes home sharing not working

iTunes Home Sharing basically allows you to share and stream your iTunes library over your home network actually. You can also access music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, and Audiobooks across different devices. For example iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and even Apple TV. Lately, some of the users have reported that their iTunes Home Sharing feature is not working properly and

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How Do I Automatically Sync iPhone Photos to OneDrive

sync iphone photos to onedrive

Well, my iCloud storage is beginning to approach its limit on my Apple iPhone. Thankfully, there are options users can utilize in order to overcome Apple’s meager cloud offerings actually. Whenever you jump into the Apple ecosystem, especially in 2016, the company is also looking to drive growth in services. You can only expect to be nickel-and-dimed all along the

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