Ways To Disable Microsoft Edge From Windows 10

Disable Microsoft Edge

If you want to Disable Microsoft Edge and you have no idea how to disable it then read this guide below. This process is also taken a while that is for Microsoft. Also, to become competitive again in the browser market. So, this company has finally launched a browser worth using in the new. A Google Chrome-based Microsoft Edge. Having

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Ways To Disable Telemetry Windows 10 -Guide

Disable Telemetry Windows 10

In this guide, you will learn some ways to Disable Telemetry Windows 10. Now, with the data breaches and malware infections on the rise. Just taking your data privacy seriously, is now more essential than ever. So, this is without adequate protection in place. If you are leaking data about yourself to every website. Then you can also visit and to every

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi Calling _Enable/Disable

Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi Calling

After reading this guide, you guys will learn about Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi Calling. If You place calls from your Samsung Galaxy S7 over an available Wi-Fi network. Then this is with the Wi-Fi calling feature. So, this feature is also helpful if you are in a place with Wi-Fi and also no voice signal. Now, you can also enable

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