Tutorial on the Way to Set a Custom Status on Discord

Discord Custom Status

Guys, you may know that Discord is just created as a platform for gamers in order to communicate or remain interact with their peers both in and out of a game. The primary/initial characteristics for turning this are the text, voice, and video communication channels. You are also able to interface with other users just via shared servers or via

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Discord Blurry: How You Can Adjust Video Quality On Discord?

Discord Blurry

  Are you facing the issue of Discord Blurry? You don’t need to worry about this issue. From this guideline, you can easily solve this issue. So, Discord is a software similar just like Skype. The only difference is that it is for gamers.  Also, it is very versatile and can organize in its design. So, that it can allow

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How To Fix If Discord Headphones Not working _ Guide

Discord Headphones Not working

In most of the games, the gamers can prefer to use a headset but sometimes the discord headphones not working. So, let’s have a look! Mostly happen during playing their favorite games. The reason is that it is more convenient. You do not have to mention that nobody gets to hear the conversations that you are having with your fellow

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Tutorial on How to Fix Discord Webcam Not Working

Discord webcam not working

Whether Discord is not able to access your camera, so don’t be fret. Because this guide will be very advantageous for you. In this guide, we will list some of the troubleshooting solutions. However, that helps/supports many users to come out of this problem. This tutorial is just on How to Fix Discord Webcam Not Working. However, your device’s camera probably

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Uninstall Discord: What To Do If Discord Not Uninstalling?

Uninstall Discord

If you want to Uninstall Discord then you have to follow these guidelines. No doubt discord is a great social app for the gaming community. But if you can join the various groups and the channels. Also, when it comes into contact with which the other players who are passionate about the same games can play this. In case, if

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How To Fix It If Discord Video Not Working?

Discord Video Not Working

In case, if your Discord Video Not Working. Then you don’t need to get worried. Here are some of the solutions that will help you to fix it. Now we are going to list five troubleshooting solutions that can help so many users to iron out this issue. Also Read: Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings For PC / Windows 7/8/10 / Mac

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A Complete Review On Discord Admin Commands

Discord Admin Commands

Do you wnat to know about Discord Admin Commands? If you love to play games, then you must know or you are most likely already using some type of chat apps. In the past, I used Mumble, TeamSpeak, and lots of others. But in this article, you’ll learn many things about Discord. Discord was created to help you to communicate

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