Split Screen Samsung Galaxy S8: To Use Apps In Split Screen

Split Screen Samsung S8

In this article, you will be able to Learn How to use a Split Screen Samsung Galaxy S8. In the Samsung Galaxy S8 Is One UI/Android 9 Pie. So, that here is the Detail guide on Split screen features. Also, the Split screen can view or the multi-window mode feature. This can also help this to use two apps at

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Ways To Fix The Random Ads On Galaxy s8

Random Ads On Galaxy s8

Most of the users get irritated with the random ads on Galaxy s8. This problem is not only with the galaxy s8 this is on every mobile. A few years ago, when the Android OEMs has more than power over the Android market. So, that is can than users did. Also, the adware apps were the part and parcel of

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Fix: On the Samsung Galaxy S8 the “Caller ID is Not Working” error

S8 caller Id not working

Years ago when the Samsung Galaxy has hit one out of the park in regard to the Galaxy S9, on the hardware end of things. But the same can not be said about the software, on the whole, that Android 8.0 Oreo is still taking its time to get accustomed to the functioning of the Samsung Experience 9.0 UX. We

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Ways To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues

S8 Bluetooth issues

The Samsung mobile phone is one of the best mobile-phone nowadays. But Samsung galaxy s8 Bluetooth issues are increasing rapidly. Nowadays in the mobile world has made peace with the fact that the headphone jack will go away. So you can push for Bluetooth music capabilities is harder than ever. Samsung also released the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the forefront

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