Fix the issue in Windows “Headphones are Not Working”

"Headphones are Not Working"

Well, Guys! I just like to listen to music on my headphones whilst I am working on something. Just because it prevents the chatter in my head, & also helps me focus on the task at hand. However, it also puts me in a relaxed mood so that I am not stressed about time & as well as deadlines, &

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How To Fix If Discord Headphones Not working _ Guide

Discord Headphones Not working

In most of the games, the gamers can prefer to use a headset but sometimes the discord headphones not working. So, let’s have a look! Mostly happen during playing their favorite games. The reason is that it is more convenient. You do not have to mention that nobody gets to hear the conversations that you are having with your fellow

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Ways To Fix It If Your Phone Not Detecting Headphones

Phone Not Detecting Headphones

  This issue is common these days that your phone not detecting headphones. No one can claim that what is the actual reason for this issue. Sometimes Apple decided to do away with the headphone jack. Then the company reproduces. They said that the technology was just too old to be effectively useful. In all of the main Android powerhouses,

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