Reduce Windows Explorer High CPU Usage-Guide

Windows Explorer High CPU

In this guide, you will learn about Windows Explorer High CPU. So, this will unfortunately common to see Windows Explorer just by using up your system resources. So, With the file explorer system hogging up processing power, games won’t run as smoothly. The video editing will also take longer, and then the other basic tasks may run into issues. Also,

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Fix: Why Dwm.exe Causes High CPU Usage


Well, Guys! Everything that you guys view on a computer screen, if it is a Windows, Mac, or Linux device, is produced by system processes that is able to handle everything from your network connection to your user interface. However, Windows users probably be familiar with some of these, simply including the explorer.exe to display your desktop. Though others will

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In Windows Fix NT Kernel & System Process High CPU Usage issue

NT Kernel & System

I also ran into a strange issue where a process which is known as the System (NT Kernel & System) was just using about 15 to 30 percent of the CPU on my Windows machine constantly. In Windows Fix NT Kernel & System Process High CPU Usage issue   However, in the above screenshot, the System is just using 0 percent

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