How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Factory Settings

reset samsung galaxy note

Is your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 running slower than usual? Or Has it stopped working altogether? Rebooting or resetting your device can definitely help out with a lot of performance issues, and this guide will walk you through all the steps you want to know. First, we should figure out what type of reset you guys need to perform actually.

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How to Use Volume Widget to Control Volume

volume widget

The more comfortable something is to do, the better, right? The same goes for controlling the volume on your Android device. For example, maybe you want to watch a video, but not have the loud volume wake everyone up. We are going to discuss How to Use Volume Widget to Control Volume. Rather than going into your Android’s settings, there’s

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How to Reset an iPad Mini – Hard and Soft Reset

how to reset an ipad mini

A new life for your iPad is a real possibility that can actually fix many problems. If your iPad freezes, apps misbehave, or you need to pass the device to another person. Then you should know how to reset the iPad in different ways. Essentially, the choice relies on if you want to wipe away the content and settings or

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How to Get Toolbar Back on the Top of My Screen in Chrome

how to get toolbar back on the top of my screen in chrome

Seems like most of the time things vanish on our PCs or phones for no good reason. Just like yesterday, I had to re-install Viber on my mother’s phone as it was just gone. If it’s glitches or ghosts or just human error, most of the time we lose things and we need to get them back. We are going

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How to Fix Windows PC Won’t Sleep

pc won't sleep

Sleep mode is actually a low power mode in computers where this mode saves lots of electrical consumption. Upon resume, the device loads the last session so that you can avoid the hassle of opening applications or starting your work again as well. The machine state is in RAM actually; whenever issued the sleep command, the computer powers off un-needed

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How to Send a Picture in Email From Android

How to Send a Picture in Email From Android

Well, on occasion, you guys may need to share pictures with your co-workers or clients. With using the Gmail application that is pre-loaded on your Android phone, you guys can attach and email pictures with just a few steps. The application utilizes your data connection in order to send the photos. You do not have to download any additional applications

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How Do I Fix Download Failed Virus Detected

Download Failed Virus Detected

If you guys have noticed a Download Failed – Virus detected message on Windows 10. Whenever you tried to download a file from the internet using any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.. Then you need to know that it is your Windows Defender antivirus that is trying to protect your system from a potentially malicious download actually. We are

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How to Fix If iTunes Home Sharing Not Working

itunes home sharing not working

iTunes Home Sharing basically allows you to share and stream your iTunes library over your home network actually. You can also access music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, and Audiobooks across different devices. For example iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and even Apple TV. Lately, some of the users have reported that their iTunes Home Sharing feature is not working properly and

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How to Turn Off SmartScreen in Windows 10

windows 10

The SmartScreen filter in Windows 10 basically helps to protect your PC from suspicious and malicious apps and files. Plus, the SmartScreen filter can also show a warning message whenever you guys try to run an unrecognized app. Well, SmartScreen leverages Microsoft cloud power in order to instantly detect, warn, and block potentially unwanted apps from running. Typically, you can

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