iPhone Unsent Messages: View/Re-Send Messages On iOS

iPhone Unsent Messages

Most of the user’s complaint about the iPhone Unsent Messages problem by using the mail app. If you are also facing this issue. Then here are some of the fixes. So, Do you ever launch the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad? Do you have to discover an “Unsent Message” indicator that is available at the bottom of the

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Delete Messages On iOS 10: Delete Messages iOS 12/11/10….

Delete Messages On iOS 10

If you guys have no idea about how to Delete Messages On iOS 10 then there are some of the guidelines that will help you to delete. So, the Messages app will receive a significant makeover in iOS. This is just like many of the other elements of iOS. Then most of its functionalities change as well. Most of the

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iOS 9 Beta Public: How iOS 9 Beta Public Download & Install

iOS 9 Beta Public

So, Apple has made the first iOS 9 beta public that is available to the users. They are also interested in testing the new operating system. This is before widespread public release later in the year. The iOS 9 also run on all of the devices that will be able to run iOS 8. Then beta software is also notoriously

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Ways To Download iOS Updates Without iTunes

iOS Updates Without iTunes

In this article, you will learn the ways to Download iOS Updates Without iTunes. This can also download any iOS software updates. These software updates are for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch that is without using iTunes. Also, there are actually having two ways to do this. So, the very first side is by using the iOS device itself. Then there

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Ways To Update And Install iPad To iOS 11 _Tutorial

Update And Install iPad

Do you want to Update And Install iPad To iOS 11? Here is the complete guide about how to update and install this. So, let’s have a look! The iOS 11 is now out in the wild. In case, if you are not particularly experiencing it. Then this will also install software and then update to your iPhone or iPad.

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iOS 10 Slow On iPhone? Ways To Speed It Up

iOS 10 Slow

Does your iPhone or iPad iOS 10 Slow after updating it? What is the reason for iOS 10 running so slow? So, let’s get started! This is also possible that iPhone feels hot and animations are laggy. But what is the reason? Most of the users may have these questions after they have updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS

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How to fix iOS iMessage Effects Not Working?

iMessage Effects Not Working

iMessage effects are pretty noticeable when they are functioning that they are unfeasible. In order to slip when they are also changed just between iOS devices. Whether you are finding that Messages Effects are not functioning on the iPhone or iPad. So guys there is probably a pretty straightforward cause that’s why, and an equally easy fix available. Here you

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Ways To Fix Unresponsive iOS 10 Touch Screen Not Working

iOS 10 Touch Screen

Most of the time iOS 10 Touch Screen not working and the screen becomes unresponsive. The owners of an iPhone X may also discover it. So, that their screen is unresponsive seemingly at random. Then it can also swipe and then taps this on the screen. This can either and not register this at all. Then they have a severe

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Airdrop Files Go: Where Do Locate Airdrop Files on Mac/ iOS

Airdrop Files Go

Most of the users have no idea about Airdrop files and also where Airdrop Files Go. These files are excellent wireless file transfer. So, this feature is also available to the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Then this is with that and then if you can easily and then quickly transfer pictures, movies, documents. This is whatever else between any of

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