Play MKV On An iPad: To Watch MKV Video From Files App

Play MKV On An iPad

If you Want to play MKV on an iPad that can store it in the Files app on an iPad? In this case, if You can also do that easily once you learn. So, that this can also make it very simple in order to keep locally stored MKV movies on iPad. This is within the Files app to be

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iPod Won’t Sync With iTunes: How to Fix It On iPhone/ iPad

iPod Won't Sync With iTunes

If your iPod Won’t Sync With iTunes and creating issue while syncing. Then here are some of the fixes that will help you to sync. Also, iOS is obviously going in the direction that it is of not needing iTunes at all. Then this is in the meantime that you will still need in order to sync an iPhone, iPad,

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How You Can Save Images On iPhone & iPad In Safari?

Save Images On iPhone

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to Save Images On iPhone. This process is quite easy to save photos on the iPhone. In this case, the iPad also makes it very easy in order to download photos and images on the web to the iPad. So, this is also very true for photos that can be

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How Can You Fix iPhone & iPad Locked Screen?

iPad Locked Screen

In case, if your iPhone and iPad Locked Screen or frozen issue occur. Then you can also use the given Fixes for the iPhone and iPad.  Also, the iPhone has grown in popularity from its initial release, and then it has become the go-to tablet for many people. So, that it can occasionally in your iPad that may freeze or

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iPad Sim Card: Ways to Insert or Remove SIM Card

iPad Sim Card

This tutorial is for those who have no idea about how to insert or remove the iPad sim card. So, You have To Read the Article Till End! Then all of the iPhones and iPads with the cells that have a slot on their sides. After that, the house is the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. So, it can also

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Moto G5 Factory Reset: How To Hard And Soft Reset

Moto G5 Factory Reset

In case if you want to perform the Moto G5 Factory Reset. Then here are the guidelines that will help you to perform this. So, that they don’t have to appear in your Library. In this case, if you are experiencing a problem with your Moto G5. Then you can also reset the smartphone. It is also possible that you

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Reset iPad Mini: Ways To Hard And Soft Reset iPad

Reset iPad Mini

You can now Reset iPad Mini by following the below guidelines. In case, if your Apple iPad Mini is locked up and unresponsive. So, that it can then give you what you may need in order to try this. Then you have to do a soft or hard reset on the device in order to get it into working order

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How To Fix The Wavy Lines On iPad Screen _Guide

Lines On iPad Screen

Here are the guidelines that will help you to get rid of the wavy lines on the iPad screen. So, here is the complete guide To solve this! Then you can also spend hundreds of dollars on your Apple iPad. Then it is your device. So, it has also a very fragile device.  So, there is a common issue that

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