iOS 12.4.7: Update Of iOS 12.4.7 Available For iPhone/iPad

iOS 12.4.7

So, Apple has released iOS 12.4.7 for some of the older model iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Then the software update also includes in the security updates. So, this will specifically aim at models that you do not need to support the iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5. Especially, An iOS 12.4.7 also support the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,

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iOS 12.4.6: The Update Of iOS 12.4.6 iPhone/iPad

iOS 12.4.6

  So, Apple has released an iOS 12.4.6 for the older models of iPhone and iPad devices. Also, they are not able to run iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4. Now, iOS 12.4.6 is also said to include important security updates. We will also recommend this for the eligible users to download and then install onto their devices. Having a new

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Broken Screen Prank For iPhone, iPad And Android

Broken Screen Prank

This Broken Screen Prank is just for fun purposes. This Prank is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Also, it means that the internet is basically full of baloney and nothing can be trusted or taken seriously. So, these will also feed you a lump of imaginary things. Also, we will typically like to share general Apple pranks for

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Ways To Update To iOS 9.1 For iPhone/iPad & Bug Fixes

Update To iOS 9.1

In this article, you will learn how to Update To iOS 9.1 for the iPhone, iPad, emojis, and bug fixes. Also, the final build of iOS 9.1 is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. So, the update also arrives as build 13b143 and then includes the various bug fixes and also an improvement to the software. This

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Search History On iPad: Ways To Search On Safari Browser

Search History On iPad

In this article, there are detailed guidelines about how to Search History On iPad. But Do you know that you can also search history? You can search it in Safari on an iPhone or iPad? This also has an excellent Safari History that can search the feature. So, that you can easily retrieve and then find previously visited sites. The

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Ways To Transfer Videos From iPad /iPhone To PC

Transfer Videos From iPad

Did you like to store videos on your iPad or iPhone and also you want to transfer videos from iPad or iPhone to your Windows PC? In the very first step, you might think that it is also going to be a hassle. So, that you can also procedure that requires the use of third-party applications. This is not the

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Ways To Update And Install iPad To iOS 11 _Tutorial

Update And Install iPad

Do you want to Update And Install iPad To iOS 11? Here is the complete guide about how to update and install this. So, let’s have a look! The iOS 11 is now out in the wild. In case, if you are not particularly experiencing it. Then this will also install software and then update to your iPhone or iPad.

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Ways To Quickly Show All Text Messages On iPhone/iPad

Show All Text Messages

So, The Messages app of iPhone and iPad will allow you to Show All Text Messages. You have to hold onto all text messages and iMessage. Then this has been sent and received through the app on that particular device. Now, unless the message threads were either deleted manually, automatically removed. This does not also restore through a backup. So, this

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Ways To Install And Update iPad iOS 9 Manually In iTunes

Update iPad

In case, if you decide that you would also like to update iPad and iPhone iOS 9. Then you can install iOS 9.0.1 manually using firmware. So, The manual firmware method is more advanced just by making it perhaps. This is also a specific reason just like this. You have to resolve the frustratingly unresponsive “Slide to Upgrade” screen. You

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iPhone Draw Text: Type Handwrite Messages On iPhone/iPad

iPhone Draw Text

Do you guys know that the iPhone Draw Text feature means you can type the handwrite messages and notes in Messages on your iPhone? Among these features, you can also scribble out a little note or sketch a simple drawing. Then you can also send this along to any recipient. Now, some of the more obvious new Messages feature that

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