How iPhone Is Disabled? To Fix With/Without iTunes

iPhone Is Disabled

Did you ever pick it up on your iPhone in order to discover the message “iPhone is disabled” and then this is to “try again in 1 minute”. You can also try this again in 5, 15, 60 minutes? So, this is also the worst scenario that is in the message says “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes”. Then the device

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How You Can Save Images On iPhone & iPad In Safari?

Save Images On iPhone

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to Save Images On iPhone. This process is quite easy to save photos on the iPhone. In this case, the iPad also makes it very easy in order to download photos and images on the web to the iPad. So, this is also very true for photos that can be

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How Can You Fix iPhone & iPad Locked Screen?

iPad Locked Screen

In case, if your iPhone and iPad Locked Screen or frozen issue occur. Then you can also use the given Fixes for the iPhone and iPad.  Also, the iPhone has grown in popularity from its initial release, and then it has become the go-to tablet for many people. So, that it can occasionally in your iPad that may freeze or

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Ways To Transfer Photos Using iTunes From PC To iPhone

transfer photos using iTunes

You can now transfer photos using iTunes from Pc To iPhone. In order to view your photos on your iPhone or iPad. So, let’s have a look! Then you can use a cloud service so that you can store them and then you can also access them on your device. Although, what if you want your photos available that are

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Moto G5 Factory Reset: How To Hard And Soft Reset

Moto G5 Factory Reset

In case if you want to perform the Moto G5 Factory Reset. Then here are the guidelines that will help you to perform this. So, that they don’t have to appear in your Library. In this case, if you are experiencing a problem with your Moto G5. Then you can also reset the smartphone. It is also possible that you

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Apps Not Downloading On iPhone _ How To Fix It?

Apps Not Downloading On iPhone

If you are facing the issue of apps Not Downloading On iPhone. Then you can try and then install the apps on my Apple iPhone. After that, I can receive this as a trifecta problem where the apps that were stuck in the Installation. And then in the Waiting and then Loading process. Luckily I am usually able in order

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Ways To Transfer Playlist From iPhone To iTunes _ Tutorial

Transfer Playlist From iPhone To iTunes

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to transfer the playlist from iPhone to iTunes. You have to read this article till the end! Personally, I went through the trouble while making a killer playlist on my Apple iPhone. In this, the playlist will also take quite a bit of time in order to create and it

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Ways To Turn Off VPN On iPhone _Guide

Turn Off VPN On iPhone

So, here are the guidelines about how to turn off VPN on iPhone. You can also configure a VPN on your phone. So, let’s get started! This is a great way to ensure that your browsing activity can remain private. Also, it is from your mobile data provider. At the same point though this you will also likely want to disable

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Safari Icon: What To Do If Safari Icon Is Missing From iPhone

Safari Icon

If you are also facing the issue of the Safari icon missing from the Home screen from your Apple iPhone or iPad? So, let’s get started! Then here are some of the things that you have to check. After following these guidelines your safari icon is again showing on the iPhone or iPad. Also See: Avast VPN Not Working _Some

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Way to Fix the Error “iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset”

iTunes Connection to the iPhone was Reset

iTunes eject a variety of errors like 3194, 1016, 4004, and further. Similarly, one of these is a “connection reset” error that many people face. And when you are trying to sync your iPhone to iTunes (via USB). The iTunes will randomly display an error message and stop the sync. However, the error message reads: “The iPhone could not sync.

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