Samsung Galaxy: The Best Waterproof Cases For Note 8

Best Waterproof Cases For Note 8

  So, this article is basically the user guide about the Best Waterproof Cases For Note 8. We hope that this guide will help you. So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8   is an Android-based smartphone phablet designed. That can develop produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Now the successor is to the discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Then it was unveiled

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Root Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (both of Snapdragon & also the Exynos models)

Galaxy Note 8

As an Android user comes with many perks, one of which is the capacity to root your device easily. However, now, we are able to include one more new device to that growing list of new Android phones on which root access is present. And that is the Galaxy Note 8. Although the TWRP recovery is now officially supported for

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How to Factory Reset Samsung Note 8 Without Password

reset samsung note 8

Whenever your Samsung note 8 is not working well such as forget the password, slow charging, Mobile Hang, or screen freezes, as well. After that, you guys have to Hard Reset, or Factory reset the mobile. You guys must take a backup of your mobile. Before doing a hard reset or factory reset as it will clear out your all

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Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging Procedure

galaxy s8 wireless charging

The Wireless Charger Convertible (sold separately) provides you the option of using it as a pad or a stand. So that you can either give your phone a rest when it charges. Or continues watching videos and browsing through propping it up against the stand. And along with the Wireless Charger Duo, you are able to charge two devices all

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