Ways To Connect To A Remote Registry _Window 7 & 10

Remote Registry

Here is how you can connect to a remote registry. In case, if you are in a small business environment. Then this will also really an annoying thing that you have to walk out to each computer that you need to fix. Apart from this, if you can remotely connect and then fix problems or adjust settings. This will make

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How Do I Get the OnScreen Keyboard to Stop Popping Up

onscreen keyboard

Windows 10 is actually a lightweight operating system that has been designed for PCs and smartphones. Borrowing features from its predecessors, Windows 10 seeks in order to create the perfect balance between a normal computer and a touchscreen computer. With these in mind, many programmers have taken the benefit of the touchscreen feature and incorporated it into their programs. We

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What is wmpnetwk.exe and it’s Working


If you guys have been looking through Task Manager then you have likely seen a process running called wmpnetwk.exe. This executable is not actually a virus, in fact, it is made by Microsoft and is automatically there on most operating systems as well.  But, this process is taking up precious system resources, so for those of us who do not

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