How You Can Save Images On iPhone & iPad In Safari?

Save Images On iPhone

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you to Save Images On iPhone. This process is quite easy to save photos on the iPhone. In this case, the iPad also makes it very easy in order to download photos and images on the web to the iPad. So, this is also very true for photos that can be

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How To Force The YouTube Desktop Version In iOS, Safari?

YouTube Desktop Version

You can also use YouTube Desktop Version in iPhone, iPad, and Safari browser. In case, if you wish to view the full desktop version. You can use it from the Safari for iOS browser on your Apple iPhone or iPad. Then you can perform it just by using a few steps. Now, you just have to follow this tutorial and

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Safari Icon: What To Do If Safari Icon Is Missing From iPhone

Safari Icon

If you are also facing the issue of the Safari icon missing from the Home screen from your Apple iPhone or iPad? So, let’s get started! Then here are some of the things that you have to check. After following these guidelines your safari icon is again showing on the iPhone or iPad. Also See: Avast VPN Not Working _Some

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