Connect Samsung Galaxy Note8 or S8 to PC

Samsung Galaxy Note8

In this guide, you will learn the way to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note8 or Galaxy S8 to your PC and also transfer files between the smartphone and your PC. Although with Link to Windows on your Android device and also the Your Phone app on your computer, and your opportunities are limitless. Consistently transfer content between your devices, use your

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About The Samsung Galaxy J3 v 3rd generation _Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy J3

In this article, you will learn about the Samsung Galaxy J3 v 3rd generation. Most of the users have not idea about the Samsung Galaxy J3 V. This Verison is a Wireless that has added another budget phone. So, it is postpaid and can be prepaid services. Also, the Dubbed Samsung Galaxy J3 3rd Gen or the Galaxy J3 V

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Factory Reset Note 7: To Factory Reset On Samsung Galaxy

Factory Reset Note 7

What is Factory Reset Note 7? How You can perform this? This is for those users that have it’s own Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This is very essential to know how you can perform the factory reset on the Samsung Note 7. By using this case if you have any problems with the smartphone. Then you can also go to

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Samsung Galaxy: The Best Waterproof Cases For Note 8

Best Waterproof Cases For Note 8

  So, this article is basically the user guide about the Best Waterproof Cases For Note 8. We hope that this guide will help you. So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8   is an Android-based smartphone phablet designed. That can develop produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Now the successor is to the discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Then it was unveiled

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Ways To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues

S8 Bluetooth issues

The Samsung mobile phone is one of the best mobile-phone nowadays. But Samsung galaxy s8 Bluetooth issues are increasing rapidly. Nowadays in the mobile world has made peace with the fact that the headphone jack will go away. So you can push for Bluetooth music capabilities is harder than ever. Samsung also released the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the forefront

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You Can Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but How?

Root your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Would you want to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 9? The root access on the device is a must, for us. However, there is simply no life without using our favorite root-requiring apps. And at a time when we have unboxed our shiny new Android phone. Then we naturally go on to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, starting with

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Ways to get the Unread Badge on Samsung Galaxy

get the Unread Badge on Samsung Galaxy

In this article, you will learn how to get the unread badge on Samsung galaxy devices. The Android may be a trademark owned by Google. It is just that it is an open-source platform that makes it the largest contender in the mobile market today. If you face the pure Android experience has its upsides then the customized flavor of

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