Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi Calling _Enable/Disable

Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi Calling

After reading this guide, you guys will learn about Samsung Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi Calling. If You place calls from your Samsung Galaxy S7 over an available Wi-Fi network. Then this is with the Wi-Fi calling feature. So, this feature is also helpful if you are in a place with Wi-Fi and also no voice signal. Now, you can also enable

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How To Insert And Remove Samsung S6 SIM Card?

Samsung S6 SIM Card

Here are some of the guidelines about how you can insert or remove the Samsung S6 SIM Card. This article is especially for the s6 & edge. So, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge and then there are very famous smartphones that can use this are by millions of people. In this case, mobile phones can still work and then

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Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Tab _To Take Screenshot

Screenshot On Samsung

Here are a lot of different ways through which you can take a Screenshot On the Samsung galaxy tab. So, let’s see different ways! In this case, if you can take a screenshot on your smartphone or tablet. Then this is your Android phone that can capture your screen content at that exact moment. So, that it can also come

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Turn Off Samsung S20: How You Can Turn Off & Restart

Turn Off Samsung S20

After reading this article, you will learn that how you can Turn Off Samsung S20. Then the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone is the latest mobile. These are the new and then the upcoming phones in the Samsung Galaxy S series of mobile products. In case, if you are lucky enough to have one then you might still be figuring out

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Samsung Secure Folder Review: All You Need To Know

Samsung Secure Folder Review

This article is about the Samsung Secure Folder review. So, Samsung secure folder is a great way in order to keep your information safe. Now the secure folders can also encrypt the space where you can also save the files in such as videos, documents, pictures, and apps. Then there is one but that you have to access to this

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Samsung GalaxyS7 Soft Reset And Hard Reset _How To Fix It

Samsung GalaxyS7 Soft Reset

In this article, you will learn how to perform on Samsung galaxys7 soft reset and hard reset. After that, your phone becomes faster. In this case, if you are experiencing problems with your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Then you may want to learn how to perform a soft or hard reset on the device. Also see: How to Cancel an Avast

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UICC Unlock Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Tutorial

uicc unlock galaxy s6

Well, SIM unlock your Galaxy S6 can be a really farcry if your variant has locked bootloader and cannot be rooted. However, thankfully we have PingPong Root that actually works even on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6 variants which come with locked bootloader. But, that’s limited to the OE2 firmware update, if you guys have OE3 or any further

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Samsung Tab S3 Oreo Update and More

tab s3 oreo update

It is actually fair to say that software updates for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are not regular anymore. However, if you guys have one, you may be thinking about its eligibility for the Android 10 update. Well, we are going to discuss Samsung Tab S3 Oreo Update and More. Android tablets, just like their phone counterparts, receive periodic Android OS

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Factory Reset Note 7: To Factory Reset On Samsung Galaxy

Factory Reset Note 7

What is Factory Reset Note 7? How You can perform this? This is for those users that have it’s own Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This is very essential to know how you can perform the factory reset on the Samsung Note 7. By using this case if you have any problems with the smartphone. Then you can also go to

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