Windows 7: What to do when Screensaver & Power Options Not Working?

Screensaver & Power Options Not Working?

Well, Guys! I have had my share of issues with Windows 7. But Guys! I still use it constantly along with my MacBook Pro. However, one recent issue is that crept up currently has to do with the screensaver & power options. Similarly, I set my screensaver just to start after 10 minutes, but nothing occurred! I also set my

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In Windows 10 Screensaver Not Working _ Fix

Screensaver Not Working

A screensaver is presumed to appear just after a predefined time has passed. Whether you guys still do not see the Windows 10 screensaver even after waiting for that time period.  However, there probably be a problem with your screensaver settings & you guys will just have to fix it for it to work. In this guide you will learn

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Animated Screensavers: How To Get A Fancy Screensaver

Animated Screensavers

Most of the users love to set the fancy Animated Screensavers. Due to this, if you are looking for a unique Apple-themed screensaver. Then the free third-party Brooklyn screen saver offers a fun collection of stylized and fanciful animations of the Apple logo. Now, the animated Apple logos used in the Brooklyn screensaver appear to be based on various Apple

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