How Can You Change VirtualBox Host Key -Guide

VirtualBox Host Key

In this article, you will learn about changing VirtualBox Host Key. In case, if you want to use any of the shortcut keystrokes in the VirtualBox. Then you must also use the Host key that is available in the combination with another key. So, By default, this is the Host key is the Right Ctrl key on the keyboard. Now, There may be

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Way To Uninstall VirtualBox On Mac _Guide

Uninstall VirtualBox On Mac

In case, if you have previously installed VirtualBox and you want to Uninstall VirtualBox On Mac. Here are some of the guidelines! Also, there is no longer need for the application. This is also possible that you are interested in uninstalling VirtualBox completely. The reason is the VirtualBox places application and the components. It also depends on the MacOS file

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