Ways To Add Friends To Xbox Windows 10 _Guide

Add Friends To Xbox Windows 10

Through this article, you will learn how to Add Friends To Xbox Windows 10. You all know that Social gaming has become a huge thing. This is not just games that have become connected. Also, this is even a platform. Now, Windows has been long from this they can add a version of the Xbox live platform to its service.

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Colorize Folders: Ways To Colorize Folder In Windows 10

Colorize Folders

You Can also Colorize Folders in Windows 10 according to your own choice. Now it can probably nothing more infuriating. Let’s get started! So, that it can have it find a file or the folder that is in a sea of desktop clutter and overflowing directories. Now, this is also possible that you should be okay with this that can

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Ways To Connect Two Computers Windows 10 In Networks

Connect Two Computers Windows 10

You can connect Two Computers to Windows 10 by using the ad hoc local network. This can be very useful if it can allow you to share files. Also, the game together when you can’t trust.  Now, this can don’t have a wireless network. In order to do so then the first step is to plug a Crossover Ethernet Cable

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How To Compare Contents Of Two Folders In Windows 10?

Compare Contents Of Two Folders

  In this article, you will learn that how you Compare the Contents Of Two Folders. In case of your synchronizing directories or backing up. This is actually a good idea in order to double-check and that can then copy it. Now you have made it actually identical to the original. Also, it is possible for issues so that can

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How To Fix Error “The Disk Is Write Protected” Windows 10

The Disk Is Write Protected

If you are using Microsoft Windows 10 then it is possible that you may receive an error that says “The disk is write-protected”. You just have to Remove the write-protection or use another disk. If you are attempting to copy a file to a USB that is a removable flash drive. This is also possible that this message may appear

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XPS Viewer Windows 10: Ways To View XPS Documents

XPS Viewer

The XPS Viewer is one of the most popular formats for sharing documents is PDF. By this, it is the reason that the document can look. So, that it can act as the same and that is wherever you view it. This is any device or reader. Now the immutability of the formatting can make the PDF ideal and can

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To Fix The Windows 10 Calculator Not Working issue

Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

By using the Windows 10 calculator most of the users face the issue of Windows 10 Calculator Not Working. So, here are the steps to fix it. This is an app that will help you to use this. You will see that you can always see on every version of Windows is the calculator app. Also, it is a simple

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How to Change iTunes Library Location in Windows 10

how to change itunes library location

The iTunes library does not really have a practical size limit. As long as you guys have space on your drive, then you can keep adding media files. We are going to discuss How to Change iTunes Library Location in Windows 10. That is not entirely a good thing actually. If you guys are not paying attention, then your iTunes library

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