Windows 10 Audio Crackling: Ways To Fix The Problem

Windows 10 Audio Crackling

In this article, you will learn Windows 10 Audio Crackling. So, there is nothing worse than hearing your windows 10 audio crackling on Windows 10. Also, you have no idea how to solve it. Now, Usually it’s a process of trial and error until you finally find the cause. This can also take some time and then to find the

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Ways To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming _Tutorial

Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

In this article, you will learn about how to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming. This does not matter what type of game that you are playing. It will also lag and can also disrupt your gameplay. Having a PC that has not been optimized that is for gaming and can also often be the cause of disrupted gameplay. This is

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Ways To Disable Microsoft Edge From Windows 10

Disable Microsoft Edge

If you want to Disable Microsoft Edge and you have no idea how to disable it then read this guide below. This process is also taken a while that is for Microsoft. Also, to become competitive again in the browser market. So, this company has finally launched a browser worth using in the new. A Google Chrome-based Microsoft Edge. Having

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Ways To Disable Telemetry Windows 10 -Guide

Disable Telemetry Windows 10

In this guide, you will learn some ways to Disable Telemetry Windows 10. Now, with the data breaches and malware infections on the rise. Just taking your data privacy seriously, is now more essential than ever. So, this is without adequate protection in place. If you are leaking data about yourself to every website. Then you can also visit and to every

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Ways To Fix Black Screen Of Death _Windows 10

Black Screen Of Death

This guide is all about fixing the Black Screen Of Death. Getting the blue screen of death is bad. In this at least your computer will tell you that there is something wrong. Alternatively, if you will end up with a black screen of death. Then you are on your own. So, you are left guessing what the problem is.

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Ways To Use Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10 _Guide

Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10

Here are some of the guidelines to use the Apple SuperDrive On Windows 10. Also, Mac has no longer internal DVD and CD-RW drives. This is for Mac users who will still need to use optical discs to the Apple SuperDrive. So, that this will also offer external all-in-one USB solutions. This can also read and write both CDs and

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Ways To Update iPhone Driver On Windows 10

iPhone Driver On Windows 10

In case, if your iPhone is not being detected by Windows then you have to update iPhone Driver On Windows 10. Here are some ways! It is also possible that you are also trying in order to access an iPhone or iPad. This is for transferring photos to the PC or you have to sync with iTunes and music on

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Ways To Add Friends To Xbox Windows 10 _Guide

Add Friends To Xbox Windows 10

Through this article, you will learn how to Add Friends To Xbox Windows 10. You all know that Social gaming has become a huge thing. This is not just games that have become connected. Also, this is even a platform. Now, Windows has been long from this they can add a version of the Xbox live platform to its service.

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Colorize Folders: Ways To Colorize Folder In Windows 10

Colorize Folders

You Can also Colorize Folders in Windows 10 according to your own choice. Now it can probably nothing more infuriating. Let’s get started! So, that it can have it find a file or the folder that is in a sea of desktop clutter and overflowing directories. Now, this is also possible that you should be okay with this that can

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