The Best Multiplayer Games That Are Not Online

Well, android phones have gotten really powerful in the past few years thanks to exponential advancements in the field of technology actually. Many developers have taken benefit of this advancement and introduced the top of the line local multiplayer games. However, others have decided to opt for the simpler, classic games route actually. We are going to discuss The Best Multiplayer Games That Are Not Online.

Gaming on mobile phones has also improved a lot over the years. Before now, they were not so many multiplayer games available, however, now we have thousands of them.  But some of these games are played online and they also make use of data that costs money. Nevertheless, some of the multiplayer games do not need an Internet connection. Thus, you can play these offline multiplayer games along with your friends.

The Best Multiplayer Games That Are Not Online

Well, if you are an avid game lover and looking for some of the free and cool games that you can play on your Android mobile then this post is really helpful. The biggest resource of any modern Smartphone is its capability in order to process high-end graphics and the two most famous operating systems namely, Android has also left no stone unturned in cashing in this inclination actually.


Just as its name implies “Dual” which means “Two”, the game you can play by a maximum of two players. One person basically creates the network, and the other person joins and it’s game time. But both mobile devices should be close to each other in order to avoid interruption. Dual! puts a more entertaining spin on the local multiplayer mode actually. However, here too you will be connecting with another player wirelessly, Dual! needs you to hold the two phones close to each other actually.

multiplayer games that are not online

The two-player game basically transforms both the screens into one, large space. You guys can then engage in a duel through shooting from one screen to the other. Join hands in order to defend the middle from an army of intruders, or try to score and deflect goals as well.

Dual! basically features a minimalistic set of graphics, mainly to make sure that there’s no delay when the pixels exit one screen and enter the second actually.

Download: Dual! for Android | iOS (Free)

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is a really fun casual game for iPhone and Android smartphones to play quick games of table hockey. Players basically control the paddles through swiping their fingers across the screen. With the aim of scoring a goal in the opposing team’s goal actually.

multiplayer games that are not online

While two players can also play against each other either through connecting their devices by local Wi-Fi or via sharing the one device as well. The futuristic neon design can also be changed by choosing one of 11 themes available from within the app as well.

Download: Glow Hockey 2! for Android | iOS

Among Us

Among Us has recently gained huge popularity worldwide mainly because it checks all of the boxes for a great multiplayer actually. It basically has an interesting objective, a robust game mechanism, and also a lot of adrenaline-inducing gameplay. You guys can play this game in two ways; as a crewmate or as an imposter. Your objective as a crewmate is basically to play with your friends or strangers online. And then find the imposter in your crew who’s hellbent on compromising the ship.

multiplayer games that are not online

But, if you guys play as the imposter, your job is basically to defeat the crew through sabotaging, killing, and also venting around the map. As the crewmates and imposters look the same, it adds to the mystery of the gameplay. It also works offline on your local Wi-Fi that basically makes this game a ton of fun.

Price: The game is absolutely free to play however you can buy many novelty items like pets, hats, skins, etc.

Download – Among Us! for Android | iOS

Ludo King

The ancient Android board game meets modern technology and what it basically creates is magic. Ludo King is an age-old Indian game played through all age groups in India and it is multiplayer games that are not online. It is a simple board game along with the dice that is acting as the accelerator to move the game in steps. The Ludo King app is really simple and you can play the game in offline multiplayer and online multiplayer mode as well. Ludo King basically follows the traditional rules and the old school look of the Ludo game.

multiplayer games that are not online

Ludo King is actually one of the most downloaded Android Board games for Android. Its really simple nature and instant to play nature have made it the best board game for Android. However, the Ludo gameplay might seem simple at first, but the Ludo game is an immensely enjoyable and challenging game actually.

Download – Ludo King! for Android | iOS

Riptide GP: Renegade

Well, after some positively thrilling car racing game, now it is time for some illicit hydro jet racing directly from the futuristic world. Renegade is actually the latest upgrades from the greatest ski racing franchise Riptide GP. Experience compelling story-driven gameplay along with the career mode. Besides, there are options for instant races and online battles against super real opponents too.

multiplayer games that are not online

The career mode features a storyline where you guys are thrown out from the Riptide GP league. Thus, you are forced to make extremely horrible and illegal hydro jet racing via the city waterways in order to reclaim your name. Take new challenges and unlock new fascinating, and powerful vehicles as well. It also permits you to play with more than 4 local players and more than 8 global players. Win challenges along with your friends in the ghost-racing mode to lead the first position on the leaderboard as well.

Download – Android | iOS

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft has seen huge success in the past decade thanks to the Asphalt series. One of the multiplayer games that are not online. The game was first introduced during the era of T9 phones and also has slowly evolved into a huge franchise. Although Asphalt 8: Airborne is a few years older than that, it still manages to hold up well in terms of graphics and in-game mechanics actually. The game has been constantly updated over the years along with new maps and cars making their way onto its roster as well.

multiplayer games that are not online

Well, this Asphalt racing game has always been the favorite for mobile game players on Android and iOS devices. No other racing game is as famous as Asphalt. What players love most about this racing game are its vast features actually. There are also different racing tracks, different car types, and 100s of events that you can select from. Eight players can race on Asphalt 8 Airborne when connected to a specific Wi-Fi network. You need no internet connection just a host (the hotspot provider) and many other players in order to join and you can get the game on.

Bundled with some of the highly-polished graphics from Gameloft, realistic audio effects accompanied through up to 300 events, 9 seasons, and more than 200 cars. Airborne is one of the best choices for any Arcade lover. Real car models just enhance the drama along with high-grade air stunts and also near-miss obstacles. That makes Asphalt 8 one of the best offline racing games for Android actually.

Price: The game is absolutely free, it contains a ton of ads, and a ton more in-app purchases for cars, coins, skins, and much more.

Download – Android | iOS

Hovercraft Takedown

This game basically features graphics based on an 8-bit design and the main motive is basically to perform as many takedowns as you guys can. You can also customize your hovercraft, build it from the ground up, and even equip it with deadly weapons including the likes of lasers and rockets.


It features a survival type gameplay style where you have to survive the game longer than your friends in order to win. Hovercraft Takedown allows you to customize your vehicle with up to 6 different weapons simultaneously while permitting you to collect power-ups on the road that can basically help repel attacks from your enemies.

The game is lightweight with an install size of only 44MB actually. This makes sure that you do not need a powerful smartphone in order to run this game which adds to its playability factor. If you and your friends are fans of action games that help you to kill time easily. Then you should definitely provide the Hovercraft Takedown ago.

Download – Android | iOS


Well, EA’s NBA Jam is actually a wacky spinoff of its full-fledged NBA game. NBA Jam swaps actually the high-definition elements and precise physics along with a retro theme and old-school controls. Multiplayer games that are not online.

nba jams

Each and everything has been raised to an over-the-top level. A slam-jam is mostly accompanied by a trail of fire and in the big-head mode. The celebrity players have huge heads on top of regularly sized bodies as well.

You guys can experience all of this in the local multiplayer mode as well where you guys go head-to-head against a friend over either local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth actually. The game also features every NBA team and you can stream to an Android TV.

Download – Android | iOS ($4.99)

Heads Up!

Heads Up are the perfect game for you actually. Developed in association with world-famous daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up uses the motion sensor on your Android device in order to help you play the game.

multiplayer games that are not online

The concept is really simple, you choose a category and put the device to your head. Your friends will take turns providing you hints about the new card from the category that is displaying on the phone. If you guys guess it right, you tilt the phone downwards, if you want to skip or pass you tilt it upwards.

Heads Up have 40+ different themes with more than 100 cards in each one of them. This makes sure a lot of playability before the cards start repeating themselves. Some good examples of famous themes include the likes of celebrities, movies, animals, accents & characters as well.

If you guys are on the hunt for fun and interactive party games for you and your friends. Then Heads Up should be on the top of your wishlist actually. You can also even check out Ellen playing this game in a couple of her videos on YouTube as well.

Download – Android | iOS

Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is actually a gem of a game that has been adapted from an earlier version named Scorched Tanks. It is also a multiplayer game that is not online Scorched Tanks was basically developed and released in 1993. And it soon gained huge popularity in the gaming community for its quirky graphics, excellent in-game mechanics, and also the tons of destruction that could be caused via a single tank.

pocket tanks

Pocket Tanks has been around for ages actually, and even today, it also remains the best one-on-one strategy mobile game. It still features the same undemanding mechanics and interfaces as well. Your job is just to simply annihilate your opponent via figuring out the right angles and pace for your projectiles actually.

There is actually a huge variety of missiles and weapons that you can equip in order to bring down the enemy. You can also challenge your friends in the local multiplayer mode that functions over a Wi-Fi hotspot as well.

Download – Android | iOS (Free of cost, premium version available)


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “multiplayer games that are not online” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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