Thinnest iPhone 6 Cases To Feast Your Eyes

If you are looking for the best and thinnest iPhone 6 cases then you are in the right place. We all know that iPhone 6 a very thin device – it’s very thinner than the iPhone 5/5s, and in a list of thinnest phones, it’ll find itself on the top. While some people like to pack their iPhone 6 in the usual cases but most of us like to be very choosy and go for the best ultra-thin iPhone 6 cases. So, in this guide, you’ll check some thinnest iPhone 6 cases:

List Of Thinnest iPhone 6 Cases:

  • JETech
  • CrayCases
  • elago Slim Fit 2
  • PowerBear
  • Spigen Thin Fit
  • CellEver
  • Spigen Liquid Air


JETech-Thinnest iPhone 6 Cases

JETech is known for its sleek or slim design for iPhones. The good thing about this case is it safeguards your iPhone even though it is slim. It is made with the help of TPU or PC material, this sensitive cover keeps shocks and drops away from your iPhone 6. The carbon fiber texture of this case also provides a firm grip on your iPhone.

If you want to secure scratches from damaging your mobile screen, JETech raised the bezels that keep the screen uplifted when you put your phone face down. Also, this case supports a screen protector.

Buy: JETech


CrayCases offers some fantastic or stunning range of designs, from neat cases to printed ones. What’s best is that you can also add your name or customize it according to your need, in the font and style you want too.

Whether you like half or full name, have it all in just a few taps. Also, its brand promises to ship within 24 hours, so you don’t need to wait for long as well. In terms of security, don’t be fooled by its slim profile or lightweight, the case offers the best protection of scratch and short drop.

Buy: CrayCases

elago Slim Fit 2

elago Slim Fit 2

elago Slim Fit 2 a stunning case and features a low-profile that fits perfectly on iPhone 6. Due to its cutouts, the case provides direct access to all the buttons or ports. Its non-slip matte surface also offers the best grip. With all being so thin, the case can absorb shock. Also, Slim Fit 2 case comes in 16 different colors that feast your eyes.

Buy: elago Slim Fit 2


If you like your sleek cover to not just fit smoothly around your iPhone but also offer the best grip, then you should try KUMEEK. It is made of liquid silicone rubber.

Another brilliant feature is its slim cover for iPhone 6 is the presence of a soft/smooth microfiber interior so that it can easily bear the shock.

Both the screen or camera have the necessary protection thanks to the elevated edge. Also, KUMEEK comes in beautiful color variants.



TORRAS-Thinnest iPhone 6 Cases

TORRAS showcases come in a beautifully slim design. It is made of a matte exterior, so that case looks stunning. It features 4 layers of coating that enhance its beauty. The hard plastic can withstand minor drops. TORRAS slim case comes in 6 different color options like champagne gold, blue, red, navy blue, space black, and rose gold.



Did you like to get a cover made of liquid silicone gel? Then try this stunning PowerBear. Being very soft; the exterior not just feels incredibly smooth, comfy but also it provides a modish look to the smartphone.

But do you think this case is capable of defending your iPhone against impact? Because of the inclusion of a smooth microfiber interior, it can easily absorb low volume impact. Also, it prevents fingerprints to keep the elegance intact.

Buy: PowerBear

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen provides some thin cases for the iPhone 6, but there’s the Thin Fit which seems cool.

It features a matte surface (for perfect grip), sleek design, a urethane coating to protect yellowing/discoloration. Also, it comes in 4 colors to choose from (in the Thin Fit case). Both the cases fit smoothly; the cutouts are clearly made. But there are 8 color options to choose from.

Buy: Spigen Thin Fit


CellEver can’t boast an ultra-sleek design besides some of its counterparts. But what makes it the best bet is the ability to protect the mobile against scratches or drops without adding any unwanted bulk. This is the only thing that separates it from many other slim cases.

The dual-layer design makes the main difference when you try to offer a protective shield to your smartphone. Besides its defense factor, the cutouts also appear on point so you’ll have instant access to your device. Also, CellEver is available in various colors like red, pink, mint, and much more.

Buy: CellEver

Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen Liquid Air-Thinnest iPhone 6 Cases

Initially, “Liquid Air” doesn’t provide the enviable sleek design to feast eyes. Nor does it allow your mobile to shine through. So, why should you prefer it?

Well, if you want the best grip and defense then Liquid Air is the best option for you. However, the case is packed or carved out of flexible or soft TPU. Also, it provides a textured outer surface that suits perfectly your palm.

Buy: Spigen Liquid Air


Times come when you like your iPhone to make a perfect match with your style. So, a case like ACMBO looks to be the best option. The case provides a sports matte coating or durable PC shell.

With the metal texture, it looks like it feasts your eyes. Also, it has a special cutout for the Apple logo, and you have the best suit.

One best feature of the ACMBO cover is the functionality of anti-fingerprint. Well, the 4-color options (red, rose gold, black, and gold) go perfectly with your mobile.



Rather than being so thin, these slim cases are very stunning and best suits on iPhone 6. They protect your device from scratch and also endure minor bumps. With the anti-slip design, they provide a perfect grip.

Which slim case did you select for your iPhone 6? I would be glad to know its name. So, share your feedback with us in the comments section below!

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