Tips & Tricks to Connect Two Airpods to Your one iPhone

 AirpodsAs you may all know that Apple is one of the greatest phone and electronic device companies. However, it has keen followers for its products such as the iPhone that surrounds all over the world. Although with a huge market using the company’s products, Apple goes too long lengths. In order to make sure that their purchasers get the high-end. Although most of all, usable and practical gear that will support in order to make their lives much simpler. In this guide, you will learn tips & Tricks to Connect Two Airpods to Your one iPhone

However, this conduct to the innovations of the AirPods. Simply making it possible for the people for listening to their music. Wherever without fretting about perplexing the wires of their headphones.

Having Trouble Connecting Various Sets of AirPods to iPhone? How to Do It

Although by updating its operating software to iOS 13, Apple created a notable number of advancements to their gadgets. Similarly, making them more suitable in order to use. To introduce a better typing experience, coming up with a better user interface, and making better the screenshots work are some of these conversions.

However, one of the most significant developments that this update came with was the option. For connecting two different sets of AirPods at once to one iPhone or iPad. Therefore this will permit you to listen to audio from one phone or pad on both sets of AirPods. Simply making it simpler for you in order to share music and also watch movies with your peers.

Older models will not be able to access this feature this is said by the company.  So here are some of the gadgets that are compatible with this option:

  • iPhone 8 and farther on.
  • Seventh-gen iPad touch and after-wards.
  • Third-gen iPad Air and later.
  • Fifth-gen iPad mini and far off.
  • First-gen iPad Pro and farther on.

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Connecting Two AirPods to One iPhone

Such as all the other features that are present in the Apple devices, it is uncomplicated and easy-going for setting up a connection. Whether your own AirPods are disconnected from your iPhone, so then you have to make the pairing by using the standard connection procedure.

Therefore now you must have to head to, and then also bring the second set of AirPods. For closing your iPad or iPhone. Here your device will display a prompt explaining that a set of earpieces that varies from yours are visible. And asking whether you would have to connect them to your iPhone too. At this point, you must tap on Connect.

Although after the pairing process is finished, so then the second set of AirPods will have connected to your phone. And now you are also able to play audio to both pairs. Similarly, now your phone will also display what the battery levels are for both sets. Simply tap on Done in order to close the prompt

Playing Music via Both of the Sets of AirPods

After all, the connection has already been made, so then all you have to do is to, first of all, begin playing your music. Similarly, if you have to open your phone’s Control Center menu, so then you will be then able to operate the second earpiece set, for playing the audio via them as well. You have to head to the Control Center, then tap on the Now Playing option and simply click the AirPlay icon.

However, by doing the above-mentioned step, will simply open up the Headphones section on your screen. Where both sets of your AirPods will be listed. However, the various AirPod sets will each have a checkmark box next to them. Yours will be checked off. Similarly, you have to perform the same for the new set. That you are connecting to your phone in order to activate them.

Your iPhone will then start playing audio via both sets. You are also able to now listen to the same music or watch movies and series together.

Using it

Apple surpasses itself by approaching these tough earpieces that have transformed how many people all over the world now in order to listen to music, now you have to play video games or even watch movies. Although the AirPods are amazingly practical and accessible. Simply making it capable for people to listen to music while resting. And in other places where the wired earphones would not be now difficult.

Whilst using your AirPods, they come on you take them out of their case, and are ready. They will impulsively begin playing the audio on your device as soon as you place them in your ear. Whether you will remove one from your ear, so then the music will stop automatically, or stop altogether whether you clear out them both. However, the playback will continue whether you put both of them back in your ears within 15 seconds.

Keep this thing in your mind that the AirPods in their charging case whenever you are not using them. However, this will make it simpler for you. For avoiding losing or misplacing them. Put them in your pocket without using the case is also able to cause injure/defect to your AirPods.

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In this guide, you will learn the way to Connect Two Airpods to Your one iPhone. I hope that the above-explained tips and tricks will also help you. If want to ask any question so then you can feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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