Tips & Tricks to Turn On Ok Google on Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Turn on Ok Google S7

Voice commands look like the fashion/trend in technology nowadays. Between Apple’s Siri assistant, Amazon’s line of Alexa-enabled devices, and Samsung’s new Bixby service on the Galaxy S8. However, it just seems every company in tech likes to be in the voice-assistant game. Whether you are rocking a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. And there is no better assistant technology so than Google’s own Assistant service built into Android. With Assistant, you are able to send texts, make phone calls, also set alarms and reminders, and furthermore. Obviously, you are also able to do it all just by using the key phrase “OK Google” to set up the service. In this tutorial, you will learn the Tips & Tricks to Turn On Ok Google on Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge.

Turn on Ok Google S7

But unluckily some restrictions are also there to Google Assistant on your Galaxy S7. So, whether you like to know the way to turn on and use voice commands on your phone, you have come to the right place. There are a few steps essential to begin using the “OK Google” command. So let’s jump right into the guide and also obtain Google Assistant up and running on your device.

Voice Assistant on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung packs its own voice assistant on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. But it is no contrast to Google’s ‘Google Now’ voice assistant service.

Although Google Now works on just about all Android devices. Even helps voice commands from any screen on some devices. But whether saying ‘Ok Google’ on your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is not raising the Google Now voice assistant. So then it just means that you have not configured the service fully so far.

You have to turn on the ‘From any screen’ option beneath the Google Now settings on your S7 and S7 Edge. However, in order to obtain the ‘Ok Google’ working without any detection throughout the OS.

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Although know that you are not able to have the ‘Ok Google’ voice command working from the lock screen on S7 or S7 Edge. So then you must unlock the screen in order to use ‘Ok Google’ and call out your command.

Note First of all we want to explain how to disable/turn off S voice on your device.

Turn Off the S Voice on Your Device

As I explain in the above paragraphs, that Samsung has enhanced a new assistant on the Galaxy S8 that is known as “Bixby.” But on the S7 and earlier phones, Samsung had a various voice service called “S Voice.” Unluckily, S Voice never worked well—and interfered with Google’s previous voice assistant. The Google Now, from that Google Assistant, progresses. So whether you have decided to begin by using Google Assistant on your device. So you are better off just turning off the S Voice in your settings. Fortunately, it is really simple to perform just that.

Head to the settings menu either by organizing it from your app drawer. Or by using the shortcut in your notification tray. At a time you are inside the settings menu, drop down to the “Phone” category, and choose the “Apps.” Whether you are using the simplified settings layout, so then you will find “Apps” has its own category. Once you are also inside the apps menu, there you should tap “Application manager.” Similarly, this will load a list of every application installed on your phone. However, both Samsung and user-installed apps from the Play Store. Drop down to the “S” section (the list is organized in alphabetical order by default). Also, you should find an app known as “S Voice.” Click its menu icon.

S Voice

However, at the time you are on the application page for S Voice. Then you will view just two buttons at the top of the screen: “Disable” and “Force Stop.” So you should click “Disable” on the left. Here you will receive a pop-up notification informing you that turning off built-in apps probably cause errors in other apps. Click “Disable” in order to continue the method. And S Voice will now show an “Enable” icon where “Disable” priorly was.

So this means that the application has been turned off on your device. Whether, for any purpose, so you do have to re-enable the application. Now you are also able to abide by these tips, clicking the “Enable” button in order to restore functionality to the application. Whether you click the back button on your device. Now you will view that S Voice now displays a “Disabled” tag on its menu bar, designating the app’s functionality and usage has been a turn off on your device.

Way to Turn On ‘Ok Google’ on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

  • Head to the Google app on your Galaxy S7.
  • Click the hamburger icon for bringing up the slide-out menu » choose the Settings » here you have to select Voice.
  • Turn on both “From Google Search app”  and “From any screen”.
  • Train the app with your voice for the ‘Ok Google’ command.

That’s all folks! ‘Ok, Google’ should work on your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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But whether saying ‘Ok Google’ on your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is not raising the Google Now voice assistant. So then it just means that you have not configured the service fully so far. But in this tutorial, I have thoroughly explained the way to Turn On Ok Google on Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge. I hope you will like this guide. In case of queries, you guys can ask us in the comments below.

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