Turn Off the Monitor With Keyboard Shortcuts

Turn Off the MonitorHowever, People require to leave their workspace for a lot of purposes: sit beside the monitor for lunch or going for any other activity. However, there is no cause to stay attached to your desk for too long; probably be just a small section of people habitually perform it out of necessity. In this tutorial, you will earn the way to Turn Off the Monitor With Keyboard Shortcuts.

Although whatever the cause, the just one thing that becomes clear when you leave your desk quickly: you probably expose any info shown by the monitor. Similarly most of the time, this probably not be an issue. However, what whether you accidentally disclose the sensitive data? This does not take into account the general feeling of unease knowing other people probably read, whatever is shown on your screen, even whether it is trivial stuff.

Though if you want to prevent this from taking place, so you should disable the monitor or put the computer to sleep altogether. Similarly, a screensaver won’t kick in right away. Fortunately, you are also able to disable your monitor simply by using a keyboard shortcut.

How to Disable a Mac Monitor

It is much easy for Mac users. You are also able to use the incorporated keyboard shortcut, Control + Shift + Eject, for disabling the monitor without putting the PC to sleep. However, no third-party app is required, unlike Windows.

So then should you like to disable the monitor and also put your Mac to sleep at the exact time? However, to use the Option + Command + Eject combination.

How to Disable a Windows PC Monitor

Unluckily, Windows is not able to give a native route in order to disable the monitor without receiving the PC to go into sleep mode.

However, whether you simply like to log out of your computer—making the PC virtually unusable before you log back in—you are also able to easily perform this by hitting the Windows + L key at the same time. Doing it this way would still leave the monitor on, although no advantageous information will be shown on it.

Similarly, this is the quickest way whether all you care about is, “I like to leave my PC impulsively and don’t like anybody else for using it or view what I was doing.”

Additionally, you require the monitor to be off no matter what, depending on a third-party program probably be the just solution.

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Turn Off the Monitor

However, turn Off Monitor is a program that is able to make it capable for you to assign a certain key combination. In order to perform certain actions like turning off the monitor, ejecting the optical drive, or restarting the PC. Now you have to download and also install the Turn Off Monitor software from the official site.

  • At the time when it is installed on your PC, then you should view the Turn Off Monitor icon in your system tray (usually located at the bottom-right of your screen).
  • Now you have to right-click on the icon and here choose the Turn Off Monitor Settings.
    • You are also able to double-click on the shortcut located on the Desktop. Whether you decided to make one during the installation.Turn Off the Monitor
    • Then beneath the Hot Key to Turn Off Monitor section, assign the key combination. So I personally suggest by using a single F8 key for this.
      • You have to remember that you are not able to use any combination that is already taken. For example, the Ctrl + C is preserved for copying files and you are not able to either use it. Whether you force it, the program will provide you an error.
  • Although after you input the combination, so then you must hit the Save button at the bottom. In order to apply the setting and also close the window.

You must try it out. Also, you have to hit the key combination that you have designated for the task, and also the monitor should be disabled impulsively.

Blacktop Tool

Although another similar app is Blacktop Tool. Similarly, the Blacktop is an even lighter app that won’t disarrange your desktop with shortcuts. The just downside to this app is you have to use the application’s assigned keyboard shortcut, named Ctrl + Alt + B. In order to turn off the monitor, simply without having another option to alter the key combination.

In order to start using the Blacktop Tool, you have to:

  1. First of all, you have to download the tool from Softpedia.
  2. Extract the .zip file and run the .exe file in order to download the software.
  3. Abide by the setup wizard, next you must run the Blacktop.
  • However, you have .NET Framework 3.5 to run the program. Whether you have the framework already installed, so then you are good to perform this. Additionally, Windows will prompt in order to install it for you. And you are also able to manually download the framework

Therefore at the time when you have installed the program and manage it. Now you should view the app’s icon in your system tray. Here you must hit the Ctrl + Alt + B key at the time to turn your monitor off immediately.

That’s all completed!

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Well; the capability to immediately turn off your display can be very advantageous in some circumstances. However, Mac is also able to give a native route to do this. Whether you are a user of Windows, however, you must have to download a third-party app to receive the job done. Another option is to utilize the Windows + L key to log out. Or you have to simply press the Sleep key on your keyboard to put your computer to sleep.

Well, guys, I hope that you will like this guide if you have any queries do then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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