Turn On Installation From Unknown Sources Android Oreo

Well, Android has always blocked the installation of APKs from unknown sources for better security. It needed us to turn on the installation of APK files first under the Settings » Security » Unknown sources. When you enable it, then you can then install apps using APK file from any app on your phone, such as file manager, browser, etc. However, it’s not that easy along with Android Oreo. We are going to discuss Turn On Installation From Unknown Sources Android Oreo.

Along with the Android Oreo, the installation of apps from Unknown sources has now been replaced along with a different option altogether. Whenever you guys try to install an APK from anywhere other than the Play Store. Then you will also be greeted along with a popup that leads you to “External Sources”.

From there you can turn on that app in order to allow future installations without being blocked. This new feature also lets us have more flexibility over which apps need permission and which do not actually. This is especially useful for folks who do not have access to the Play Store. You can also install many apps from third-party stores and turn off this permission after doing so for that store app alone.

You can also do this from within the settings too.

Turn On Installation From Unknown Sources Android Oreo

Well, it’s not called that anymore, rather it’s called ‘Install other apps‘ now. And here’s how you guys find that option and turn on the installation of APK files. Keep in mind that you have to do this for each and every app you want to install APK files from.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap on the new Apps and Notifications menu as well.
  • Head over Special Access at the bottom.
  • Then you have to proceed to Install other apps which is also towards the bottom.
  • Tap on the app you want to allow or block as well.
  • Now click on the switch next to the Trust app from this source.
  • Then, go back to your app, and click on the APK file in order to install it. On the File manager app, it’s darn easy, however, in browsers, go to the downloads section and then click on APK file, in order to begin its installation.

Turn On Installation from Unknown Sources on Android 7 Nougat or Older

In order to install from unknown sources in Android N and older. You can turn on and off the feature right from the settings panel.

  • You have to open the App Drawer on your Android device and click on the “Settings” icon. It will then open the settings panel where you guys can change all the settings related to your device as well.

Also, you can pull down the notification bar twice, and then click on the gear icon in order to open the Settings menu.

  • Whenever the Settings menu opens, you have to scroll all the way down until you see an option. That says “Security & fingerprint.” On the devices that do not have the fingerprint feature, you guys will only see the “Security” option. Click on that option, and it will then open the security settings menu for your device.
  • Whenever the Security Settings menu launches, then scroll down and you guys will see an option that basically says “Unknown Sources.”. This option is what controls if apps from outside the Play Store should also allow to install on your device. By default, the option is turned off.

What’s more

Enable the toggle next to the option to the ON position, and the feature will then be enabled on your device.

  • You guys will get the following prompt before the feature can be enabled on your device. It also mentions the risks involved in installing apps from unknown sources. Tap on “OK” in order to enable the feature.
  • The feature should now turn on your device, and also you may now exit out of the settings menu.
  • Now, just click on any APK file downloaded from anywhere on your device. And then you should see that it installs without even any issues. As long as the feature for unknown sources is turn on on your device, you will then be able to install APKs without any issues on the device actually.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

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