Tutorial Guide: Way to Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Waiting

Apps Stuck on Waiting

You may have faced a mysterious issue whenever you try to update or install the iOS app from the App Store. The App icon is greyed out and it starting displaying the “Waiting”; forever. So now there can be numerous causes that’s why the app is not able to download. But luckily, to fix this problem there are methods. Thus this does not happen again and again. But sometimes iPhone apps get stuck on “Waiting” when you try to install or update them, so there is really nothing much you can do but to cancel the download and restart it.

Though the issue is not uncommon. However, there are some fixed cases where this might happen all too often. Network issues, not enough space, or apps running in the background are able to all play a role in this problem. Whatever is the issue, hence, we’ll find it and fix it. So just go through the fixes that are mentioned below.

Way to Fix Apps Stuck on Waiting in iOS 13 on iPhone.

  • Check Your Network and Re-Download the App
  • Space on the iPhone
  • Close Background Apps
  • More Instructions to Fix Apps Stuck on Waiting

Check Your Network and Re-Download the App

First of all, if you’re on 4G/3G/LTE, you may have to make sure that there are no network problems. Similarly, if you’re on Wifi, then you should have to check to view if the Wi-fi is stable and working the best. So the excess problem of apps getting stuck on “Waiting” is mostly because no stable data network is available.

Note: Thus you are also able to use Cellular Data to download apps that are up to 200MB.

If you’ve fixed this at once then you might still need to re-download the app. To remove the app that is installing (hold on it and when it jiggles, press the “X” button). Reinstall it from the App Store again.

Space on the iPhone

Here first you should head over to General → iPhone Storage → and then confirm that you’ve now obtained enough free space. Hence this is not generally the issue but if you have saved a lot of music, videos, and other app data on the iPhone. Because of this, then you might just run into issues when you download an app.

Further, if the app that is still stuck on “Waiting” is now showing on this list, so you should click on it and then tap on Delete App. Hence, this will remove the download and you can re-download the app.

Shutdown the Background Apps

The other cause – not solved but are in doubt – are plenty of apps running in the background. Simply if you’ve obtained a clump of them running in the background. So this slows down the system a little bit. Therefore to solve this issue, you have to move towards the multitask switcher by double-pressing the home button and then deleting all apps that are running in the background.

Once removed, the iPhone has enough resources to process faster. So start to try downloading the app now.

What will happen if still, this does not solve the issue?

Clusters of things are here to check:

  • App Store is experiencing huge load: we can say that maybe it is a server problem. So you have to try again after a little.
  • iPhone is low on resources. Thus Reboot your iPhone
  • Then try to install the app through iTunes instead of directly from the iPhone

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Apps Stuck on Waiting-Conclusion

Well, and it is the End of the matter. Sometimes iPhone apps get stuck at “Waiting” when you try to install or update them, so there is really nothing much you can do but to cancel the download and restart it. So just going through the fixes that are mentioned-above will solve your issue.

If you know of any other fix or workaround to solve this problem, make sure you put it down in the comments. Also, if any of the fixes mentioned here have helped you to resolve the issue, then also comment that to help other users.

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