Tutorial on How to Transfer Movies From PC to iPad Easily

Transfer Movies to iPad

Ignore the Sync. It is woeful if all you are really seeing to do is copy some video files to your iPad so you can watch or view them later. As you all know that during a commute or just sometimes when you desire to watch a movie on the iPad. Further, in this post, you will get the solution to this question that how to transfer movies from PC to iPad.

Similarly, copying videos to your iPad should be simple. Yeah, here we are going to have iTunes, and yes. But it might take most of the same time that it takes to sync your iPad with iTunes but no, it is not going to be very difficult. Thus in reality, if you are able to drag-and-drop, then you can do this seamlessly.

However, the iPad is able to understand little bit formats for video. So the default Video player should be there on the iPad which can play videos and which are able to control video files that you are dropping into it. So there arises a question that is, how we can copy the videos to the iPad easily.

Way to Transfer Movies from PC to iPad

Important Note: On iPhone, you are permitted to add music or video only from a single iTunes Library. On iPad, you must have the option to add music from multiple iTunes Libraries but the video should be from a single iTunes Library.

  • In the first step, you have to first connect your iOS device to your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Then organize the iTunes on your computer.
  • Similarly, here choose the content that you desire to transfer to your device from the iTunes library.
  • Next, choose your device from the left of the sidebar.
  • So now you all must have to do is to drag and drop the video files. That you are desiring to copy. Thus to make this more simple, then have the folder containing the video file prepared, and have the iTunes open in the background. Next just drag-and-drop the file from the folder into the iTunes window.
  • Now you should view a progress bar that will specify how long it will take to copy the file. Got short videos? Fast. Full-length movies? So that will take very little time.
  • Though if you experience the issues stating that the file couldn’t be copied. So it means that there is an issue with the file format. Similarly, here you’ll have to convert the format of the videos with QuickTime to an iPad compatible format before copying it.

Can’t Standardly Add Items to Your iOS Device?

Are you not able to standardly transfer then items to your own device? Confirm that you have the recent version of iTunes installed on your device. Thus the option to “Manually manage music and videos” must be turned on as well.

  • Firstly connect your device to your computer. Then set up iTunes and choose your device.
  • In this step, you have to tap on the Summary in the left sidebar.
  • Then drop to the Options section and here you have to check the box next to “Manually manage music and videos.”
  • Tap on Apply to make sure of the change.

Method of Transfering Movies, Music to iPad from Mac or Windows PC by Using AnyTrans

Although AnyTrans are able to allow you to transfer media from your computer to an iOS device in an easy way. Furthermore, it automatically turns the videos to iOS supported formats like WMV, AVI, MKV. So if you do not desire to use iTunes or desire to create a method of transferring media a bit more convenient, then it is worth giving a try.

  • Download AnyTrans on your Mac or Windows PC.
  1. AnyTrans Windows version
  2. AnyTrans Mac version
  • Now connect your device to your PC. Then, organize AnyTrans and tap on the setup button similarly, it’s (looks like tiny dots)
  • Next, you have to tap on Videos and here you should select Movies, Home Videos or TV shows that you often like watch.
  • Similarly, now tap on the “+” button present at the top left of the menu. Now, select the content that you are desiring to transfer to your device. Once tap on Open at the bottom.

We have completed it!

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Transfer Movies to iPad-Conclusion

Well, this procedure might take most of the same time that it takes to sync your iPad with iTunes but no, it is not going to be very difficult. Thus in reality, if you are able to drag-and-drop, then you can do this seamlessly. We hope that this article will help you a lot.

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