Tutorial: Upgrade Windows 8.1 To Windows 10

Do you want to upgrade Windows 8.1 To Windows 10? If yes, then you are in the right place. Now Microsoft Windows 10 is ready in more than 100 countries. If you reserved your copy, you should then view a message to upgrade. If not, you can always download the Media Creation tool from Microsoft and download it or install the Windows 10 ISO for a clean install.

We already show you how to upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 10, now let’s have a look at moving through the upgrade on Windows 8.1.

How To Upgrade Windows 8.1 To Windows 10

Upgrade Windows 8.1 To Windows 10

Well, if you don’t view a message from the get windows 10 application on the taskbar. Or else if the upgrade files have been installed to your computer. Then you should initiate the process through Windows Update.

Well, you won’t be doing it through Windows Update in an advanced Settings app. If you try you will then view the message.

  1. You should use the desktop variant of Windows Update. To do that, just use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+X or right-tap the Start button. Or else, choose Control Panel from the power user menu – which is also available in Windows 10 (it is known as the Quick Access menu in 10).
  2. Move down to the bottom of the Control Panel and choose the Windows Update.
  3. You’ll then view the Windows 10 upgrade is ready. Just tap the “Get Started” button.

Check For Problems:

Keep in mind that the upgrade might fail at first. I retried it many times before it started to work. Once it does start, just like with the upgrade in Windows 7, you want to agree to the terms and conditions.

After that, you’ll see the option to start the upgrade now or use it for a later time. Again, similar to upgrade Windows 7, you only receive a three-day window to schedule the upgrade.

After it begins, just sit back, take a cup of tea because the process can take a few minutes.

Then a display screen appears that allows you to know where the upgrade process is at. If it looks to hang, just be patient, especially the first few weeks…many people are upgrading at the same time. Also remember that your computer will restart many times, just allow it to do its thing.

Once it completes you’ll receive a Welcome Back screen and you initiate tapping through the onscreen setup steps.

Just move with Express Settings during setup. It lets you get up and executing a lot faster. If you want to make any modifications, you can do that later.

It will also explain to you the latest apps such as Photos, TV&Movies Store, and the latest Edge browser. And after that, you can just log in with the Microsoft Account credentials that you used for Windows 8.1.

Next, wait until Microsoft sets up your applications and gets things ready for you.


When it is successfully done, you will be brought to your latest Windows 10 desktop and can initiate checking out all of the amazing new features such as the latest Cortana, Start menu, and Action Center.

Also, remember that there will be many updates waiting for you. Windows 10 needs you to install updates automatically. So that you’ll get them without thinking about it. But, if you know that you have everything updated successfully then head over to Settings > Update & Security > Check for Updates.

If you have any queries and questions and want more tips and tricks then let us know below!

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