UICC Unlock Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Tutorial

Well, SIM unlock your Galaxy S6 can be a really farcry if your variant has locked bootloader and cannot be rooted. However, thankfully we have PingPong Root that actually works even on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6 variants which come with locked bootloader. But, that’s limited to the OE2 firmware update, if you guys have OE3 or any further updates install on your device and then PingPong would probably not work for you. We are going to discuss UICC Unlock Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Tutorial.

For Galaxy S6 variants which come along with an unlocked bootloader. However, are carrier locked can easily be rooted along with CF Auto Root tool via Chainfire. Rooting is actually a pre-requisite for SIM unlocking Galaxy S6 through the methods discussed below, if your Galaxy S6 variant couldn’t be rooted. Then the tools discussed below would not work for you as well.

Reasons you should SIM Unlock your Device:

  • No Carrier hassle, You can then easily switch SIM between GSM Networks in order to get the best rates.
  • Permits you to use local SIM cards on GSM carriers wherever you guys travel to prevent any Roaming fees.
  • Free your Galaxy S6, as freedom is good.
  • Increase your phone value, and if in case you were planning to sell your phone.

Free SIM unlock eligibility requirements

Most of the service providers will allow their customers to SIM unlock their phone for free. However, they do have eligibility requirements that need to be met. Below is actually list of eligibility requirements most service providers adhere to:

  • Phone has been active on the account for almost 30-50 days
  • Phone must be paid in full as well
  • Also, Phone must not be reported as stolen or lost
  • Customer’s account must be in good standing

Because each service provider’s requirements are slightly different, we actually suggest checking with them in order to see if your Samsung Galaxy S6 qualifies for a free SIM unlock code. If you guys don’t meet your service provider’s eligibility requirements. Then you can still unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 through using Android SIM Unlock or any other third-party SIM unlocking service.

Get your IMEI Number

Before you guys do anything else, you need your IMEI number. IMEI basically stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. And it’s the unique code for each and every device to identify it to carriers for access on their networks. Here’s how you guys get your IMEI number:

  • First, open the phone application
  • Then dial *#06#
  • Your phone’s IMEI will then pop up on the display
  • Now write it down in a document on your PC or a piece of paper nearby

UICC Unlock Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Tutorial

uicc unlock galaxy s6

PingPong Root

  • You have to download PingPing Root APK file.
  • Then install PingPong Root apk on your Galaxy S6. It might also ask you to install SuperSU as well alongside. Just do it.
  • Open PingPong Root app and tap on the “Get root!” button. The app willnow start processing and if it’s successfully rooted your device. Then you’ll get “It is recommended to reboot your device NOW” prompt as well.
  • Now reboot your Galaxy S6 and verify root access through the Root Check app.

CF Auto Root

 Download CFAR for Galaxy S6 variant from here  Download Odin 3.10.6

  • First, just download CF-Auto-Root for your device from the links above and then extract the .zip file on your PC when it’s downloaded.
  • Now open Odin 3.10.6 on your computer.
  • Then you have to boot your Galaxy S6 into Download mode:
    • Just switch off your phone.
    • Tap and hold “Home + Power + Volume down” buttons for a few seconds unless you see a warning screen.
    • Tap on Volume Up on the warning screen in order to accept it and boot into Download mode.
  • When your S6 is in download mode, then connect it to the PC with a USB cable. The Odin window on computer should detect the phone and then show an “Added!!” message.
  • Now tap on the PDA tab on Odin window and choose the CF-Auto-Root (.tar.md5) file from the files that you extracted in Step 1.
    └ Note: DON’T play with any other options on the screen actually. You only need to connect your Galaxy S6 and then choose the CFAR file in PDA tab.
  • Tap on the Start button on Odin and wait for it to finish the process as well. When it has finished successfully, you’ll see a pass message on the Odin screen actually.
  • Your phone will now automatically reboot when Odin is done along with its job. You guys can then disconnect your Galaxy S6 and your device will rooted as well.

SIM Unlock

Update: You can get idone app and GT_Update apk files from the idone.apps official site .

Download GTv3.1.5.apk file (idone app), then Downlaod GTUpdate2_v3.1.8.apk file (GTUpdate)

  • Now download both the apk files provided above to your Galaxy S6 actually.
  • You have to insert the GSM SIM card that you need to use.
  • Now install GTv3.1.5.apk file (idone app)
  • Install GTUpdate2_v3.1.8.apk file as well.
  • You have to open idone app and click SIM UICC Unlock. When you do it,  then reboot your Galaxy S6.
  • Now head to Settings > Mobile networks > Network mode > and choose GSM/UMTS.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS Unlock Process

T-Mobile and MetroPCS has its own unlocking app actually. Even if you guys don’t qualify for a free unlock, then you can still unlock your device through the T-Mobile or MetroPCS Device unlock apps. Let’s see how you guys will go about it:

  • You need to visit Android SIM Unlock or the same service and choose the T-Mobile Device Unlock or also MetroPCS Device Unlock option as well
  • Now enter your IMEI number
  • Then complete the checkout process
  • You guys will receive your unlock confirmation email in almost 1 – 3 days
  • Just open the T-Mobile Device Unlock or MetroPCS Device unlock app
  • Tap on Continue, and then Permanent Unlock
  • The unlock process will then run and reboot your phone whenever it’s complete actually.


Alright, folks, I hope you like this “uicc unlock galaxy s6” article and understand now. If you have any issues and queries related to it, just comment down and let us know.

Keep Smiling!

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