Uninstall Discord: What To Do If Discord Not Uninstalling?

Uninstall Discord

If you want to Uninstall Discord then you have to follow these guidelines. No doubt discord is a great social app for the gaming community. But if you can join the various groups and the channels. Also, when it comes into contact with which the other players who are passionate about the same games can play this.

In case, if you rarely use the Discord app then you can decide to switch to a different platform. You can also uninstall the app that is a good idea. But after that, you have to keep a program so that you are rarely or no longer to use it.

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What to do if Discord Refuses to Uninstall?

Also, it can seem that Discord is a stubborn program. By most of the user, it can complain that they were also unable to uninstall the program. So, that it can despite multiple attempts.

This is often happening and it is that users uninstall Discord. So, the apps that have somehow remains on the PC at an unknown file location. If the users can try to delete Discord again. Then the PC says that the file is no longer in that location. Also, it could not be deleted.

In this case, if you’re in the same boat then this guide will help you to bypass this problem. You can use the solutions below and then you should be able to quickly solve this problem.

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To Fix Uninstall Discord issue on PC:

1. To Uninstall Discord from Control Panel/ Apps & Features:

You can also check that if the Discord is still listed in the Control Panel or the Apps & Features section. In case, if you can uninstall the app by using the Control Panel. Then the Discord can still be visible under the Apps & Features. Then this is the other way around.

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2. To Delete the Discord cache:

When you uninstall the Discord then make sure that you have to remove the app cache as well.

  • Then go to the Windows Search box you just have to type the %appdata%
  • First of all, you have to open the App Data Roaming folder. Then you can also locate the Discord folder
  • You just have to right-click on the folder and then delete it.
  • Now you can go back to the Windows Search box and then type the  %LocalAppData%
  • Also, you can locate the Discord folder in your local App Data folder and then delete it
  • Then restart your computer and then check if there are any Discord files left on your computer.

3. To Uninstall Discord from the Registry:

When you delete it from the Discord cache then this is time in order to remove all the Discord keys from your Registry.

  • You just have to go to the Windows Search box and then type the regedit
  • Then you can launch the Registry Editor and then you can also follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Discord
  • Now Right-click on the Discord folder and then select the Delete
  • After that, you have to restart your machine.

Uninstall Discord

4. To Use uninstaller software:

In this case, if you still have not managed to uninstall Discord. Then you can also use an uninstaller software in order to get the job done.

Now you can use these programs that will take care of everything. Also, this will delete absolutely all the Discord files and then they can detect on your computer. By using other words they will also uninstall all the Discord references from your file system and then the Registry.

By most of the best uninstaller software for PC, it can also include the Wise Program Uninstaller. Also, the Revo Uninstaller, Advanced System Optimizer’s uninstall manager, and then the IObit Uninstaller.

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5. To Run an antivirus scan:

Most types of malware may prevent you from uninstalling programs from your computer. The reason is that it is just because of these malicious tools themselves. You can also install various programs on your device.

After that, you can prevent it and then you from removing any programs. Now, these malware tools you just have to make sure that you don’t uninstall the programs they can install on your machine. In order to solve this problem, you can also run a full system antivirus scan.

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6. To Run the SFC:

The System File Checker is a handy built-in tool. So, that it can let you use the Windows 10 users in order to get automatically scan and then repair their system files.

If you want to run the SFC then you can launch the Command Prompt as admin. You can also type the sfc /scannow command and then hit Enter.

Uninstall Discord

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7. To Use Microsoft’s Install and Uninstall a program

By using Microsoft that can also know like that and then this can also install or uninstall issues are pretty common. The reason is that it is why the company can create the Program Install and Uninstall tool. In this case, if you can block them from removing programs. Then you can download and launch the Program Install and Uninstall tool from Microsoft.

So, this is all about it!

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This was not being able to uninstall Discord. Also, it is possible that the result that can corrupt the Registry files, malware infections, and so on. But if you can join the various groups and the channels. Also, when it comes into contact with which the other players who are passionate about the same games can play this.

Hope these seven solutions will help you to solve this issue.


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