Update Apps On iOS 13.1 _How To Update?

Update Apps On iOS 13.1

So, do you have any idea about How do you update apps on iOS 13.1 on iPhone with iOS 13 and iPad with iPadOS 13? If No, let’s have a look! It is also possible to ask this question if you open the App Store. Then you can also discover this that is no longer an “Updates” tab. From updating your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 or later.

You don’t need to worry, you can still update apps in the App Store on iPhone and iPad. This is with the latest iOS and iPadOS versions, it is just that the update app function is now located in a different location. From the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 onward.

You have to read on to learn how to update apps in the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Ways to Update Apps on iOS 13.1 iPhone & iPad:

So, the process of updating iPhone and iPad apps has changed somewhat in iOS 13 and iPadOS. Now, the Update tab in the App Store app on iOS 12. So, that this has been replaced with a new Arcade tab in iOS 13 and iPadOS. Then first of Apple’s upcoming game-subscription service launch this fall. In the end, app updates have been tucked away under your profile picture in App Store.

You have to follow this as we teach you how to find the updates interface in iOS 13 and iPad’s App Store. Now, as well as update you also install the iPhone and iPad apps.

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  • You have to open the “App Store” application on their iPhone or iPad.

Update Apps On iOS 13.1

  • Then Tap on your account profile icon available in the upper right corner of the App Store. This is also possible to have a red badge indicator on it.
  • Now, Scroll down in this Account pop up screen. Also, you have to find the “Available Updates” section.
  • Then you have to update ALL apps installed on the iPhone or iPad, tap on “Update All”.

Update Apps On iOS 13.1

  • You can also update only specific apps. Then continue to scroll down to find the app(s). In case, if you wish to update then tap on the “Update” option.
  • If apps are finished updating then exit out of the App Store as usual.
  • So, This is all there is to it. Then your apps will also update just the same as they always have.

Whither? did the “Updates” tab go in App Store for update apps iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13?

Now, the Update tab has been remove from the App Store in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Apart from the Update that is now contained within the App Store account profile section. This is also shown in the instructions above.

So, this is not entirely clear why the App Store will no longer have an obvious. This is also very easy to access the “Updates” tab. Also, the reason for the app updating process is now tucked behind the Accounts section of the app. Now, this is delineated by the account profile icon in the upper right corner.

Most of the speculate in the App Store Updates tab was removed. You have to make room to promote the Apple Arcade gaming service instead. Then nobody is outside the Apple now for sure.

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5 ways to Update Apps On iOS 13.1:

By App Store Account Panel to Update Apps On iOS 13.1:

So, the Update tab is no longer present within the App Store. Then your list of app updates is still just a tap away. You have to start by tapping your portrait to the upper-right corner of the App Store screen. Also, The badge number above your portrait indicates the number of app updates currently available.

Now, on the Account panel that will also show up. You have to check out the Available Updates section. Then you will have to find your list of updates listed underneath. Although, this is a good idea to force a re-scan for new updates. Then you can also do it by using a simple swipe-down gesture.

You have to apply all available updates and then use the Update All option. So, you have to update apps individually and then use the Update buttons next to each listing.

In case, if you can also delete apps from within the Available Updates list itself. Then swipe down the app to the left, and then tap Delete. So, this is pretty useful to finally get rid of apps that you rarely use. Then keep on updating regardless.


So, another way to go about updating an app is to search for it on the App Store. Also, this is pretty useful if you have a specific app that you want to update in a hurry. Then you don’t want to wade through multiple apps within the Available Updates list.

When you are searching for the app then use the Update option. In case, if an update is available then the list that is next to it to get it updated. Then Exit the App Store, and then the update will continue to download and install in the background.

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To Use SIRI:

Now, this is the same as searching for the app on the App Store. Now, by telling Siri to do that instead. You have to Activate Siri using either the ‘Hey Siri’ voice command or by pressing and holding the Home or Side buttons.

You have to get to the Firefox page. Now, simply shout out then ‘Open Firefox on the App Store’ or ‘Search for Firefox on the App Store.’ When Siri obliges by displaying the app within the App Store. Then you can simply tap on the Update to get it updated.

So, it would have been great if Siri could apply updates all by herself. Then sadly, that is not possible yet. Now, Here is also hoping that it is on Apple’s to-do list for the next iOS and iPadOS iterations.

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The 3D Touch Or Haptic Touch:

Having a super-cool way to go about updating all apps at once is to use 3D Touch. This is on the App Store icon. Now, on the pop-up menu that shows up, tap Update All. Then you are good to go.

So, The gesture was available in iOS 12, but with iOS 13 and iPadOS. Now, the devices with no 3D Touch functionality that can also make use of it using Haptic Touch instead.

Now, on the iPhone XR or all iPad models. Then simply press and hold the App Store icon for a fraction of a second. So, you can also release to initiate the gesture. You Do not hold the icons for longer than that. Then otherwise, you will also cause them to jiggle.


Now, this is also fair to say that automatic updates are not for everyone. In case, if you are on a connection with limited bandwidth. Then the automatic updates can also cut through your quota in next to no time.

This is with iOS 13 and iPadOS, updates that have fundamentally shifted for the better. So, Rather than you re-downloading an app in its entirety. Then the only essential files will now download. Then app updates are 50-60 percent smaller.

You have to enable automatic updates, then open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. After that click on the iTunes & App Store, and then turn on the toggle next to App Updates.

In case, if you find this new approach to updating apps more hidden or to be confusing. Also, if you forget to update your apps regularly. Then you would just like to automate the process of updating things from the App Store entirely. So, you can always turn on automatic app updates on iPhone and iPad with a setting change as well. By using an automatic update will do just as it sounds. To update your apps automatically as they are releasing this. Now, without this, you are having to get and involve in the app update process.

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From updating your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 or later. You don’t need to worry, you can still update apps in the App Store on iPhone and iPad. This is with the latest iOS and iPadOS versions, it is just that the update app function is now located in a different location. From the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 onward.

Hope this guide will help you to resolve this issue. If You have any query let us know in the comments below.

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